• If I had any, I probably would, given the type of ingredients that go into store bought dog food. Ugh!
  • Not specifically. He gets the leftovers.
  • LOL no...if theres some left over beef or chicken or whatever i'll give it to my dog. Cooking expressly for an animal is a bit weird.
  • Yes. They enjoyed fried chopped beef and an occasional hot dog.
  • I can't cook for myself (unfortunately but there is still my mom lol!) so how can I cook for my pets? I don't have any pets by the way. I did have a 3 fishes and a canarie but they all died may they rest in peace.
  • Yes I do :D
  • only the meat scraps
  • I did yesterday. I had some chicken fillets that were a day past the use by date and I didn't fancy eating them, so I cooked them up for my dog with rice and gravy. (Dogs are a lot more resistant to bacteria like salmonella than humans are)
  • Hi i have 3 dogs i used to work for the neads program,, serving dogs people food isnt recomended.. and or ( cooking) for them would and can cause confusion for the animal and cause other behavioural issues..
  • Yes, sometimes. They really appreciate my cooking too.:P
  • Good question. Just take out "for" and you got it.
  • when im out of dog food, ground beef, white rice, peas, and one egg maybe some carrots
  • Didn't have have any cat food ,I fried her a chicken beast.... Happy Kitty
  • I used to get kidney from the butcher and slice it for the kitty. another cat, liked popped popcorn in a bowl. another cat liked kentucky chicken wings. or left over cooked red snapper. not raw, please.
  • Not unless they are sick and need a special something to help them get better. But they do get what I cook for us from time to time. Shame on me I know----
  • I cook my pets, I don't ever cook FOR them.
  • No, dogs shouldn't eat cooked food. We feed all raw, natural diet, like raw meaty bones and no grains or veggies. Dogs were designed to eat raw food only and they don't have the necessary enzymes to digest grains and veggies. They also cause allergies, so why feed them?
  • I guess you can say that....I always cook way to much food and it ends up as leftovers that end up to the dogs later. But no, I don't cook for my pets.
  • I confess, I drop a few raw meatballs into their food every morning, but don't tell anyone. I have a reputation to protect.
  • I do and last thing was salmon lol:) +5
  • I make monitor meat loaf for my bosc monitor its gross!
  • Yeah,if warming up a mouse which was frozen counts(snake)
  • Me? Cook for my dogs? No, it takes a lot of knowledge of the proper ingredients, and time, to give them exactly what they need. A lot of people do it, but few do it correctly. There are books available on formulating your own pet (dog) food, but I will leave that up to folks who make it their business to make good food. Now, finding a good food isn't easy. Especially when you have TV commercials from huge pet food companies that have unlimited marketing dollars. They can give you lines like: "and it's so good for them", and that's all the public has to hear! People think, 'Well, they wouldn't lie to us'. Oh yes they will... and do! Publications like the "Whole Dog Journal" and "The Truth About Pet Food" make it their business to check on whether what the pet food companies are telling you is the truth or not. So it's best to refer to their food ratings to find "the good stuff".

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