• I save the one I think I have the best chance of getting and exiting the building alive.
  • hahahahahaha!!!! i really like your question. of course, i'd have to save ONE of the 3 fertilized human embryos. in order to show them the same respect due any glorious life form, each one must be transported alone, to assure that i can fully protect it. i'd have to re-enter the build two more times for the remaining embryos. did you mention something about something else? huh? never mind. . [dear readers, i'm cutting up with stevie and this brilliant but penetrating question. i have children and i would save them before i would save myself. in a fire, i bet i'd try to go back in to save my pets before i'd remember that there were even human embryos to be saved.
  • An embryo is not structurally complete or able to survive as a separate organism, so if had to choose i would choose to save the child.
  • The 5 year old...obviously.....
  • The 5 yr old. The kid is already alive, the fertilized embryo has a chance to become a child, but they also have a chance of not becoming a child.
  • It would depend in which kind of containers the embryos are...
  • The five year old, because the parents have a bond with that child and would really miss him/her if he/she died.
  • The child of course. The 5 years old has a life and is a person, an aware human being. The embryo's only have the potential to become a human being, they are not a human being yet. They are not even developed to the point where they can live by themselves, their brain is not developed, they are still nothing more then dividing cells with the potential to become a person. I like your question ;-)
  • I'm so glad no one has said so far that they would save the embryos instead of the 5 year old. I came on here expecting to get pissed off and be forced to argue with someone lol
  • Great question. ++++ I notice all the rabid pro-life extremists are shying away from it though. I would love to think it's because you have made them think but I am not that optimistic.
  • Since a fertilized embryo only has a small chance of surviving implantation, it makes more sense to save the 5 year old, even though the embryos ARE fully human beings with their own distinctive DNA who only need time to grow. In this case, they don't have that.
  • My knee jerk emotional response to this question is to save the 5 year old. The thought of anyone burning to death, let alone a child, I don't think I could live with myself knowing the suffering the child would have gone through. Interesting question.
  • EASY!!! The 5yo boy. He is already alive, the embryos are not yet. Unless, ofc, they are all inside a woman (triplets). But even then, I think I would still save the 5yo.
  • The five-year-old, there's no contest.
  • For me the 5 yrs old most likely would be crying for help and the embroys wouldn't make a sound. In my heart I couldn't ignore the cry's so most definitely the 5 yr old. Besides the 5 yr old has it's whole life to look forward to, the embryos have a 50/50 chance of even being born.
  • It's obvious to me that I would save the 5 year old. Fertilized eggs are not people, only potential people. +5
  • I don't really like these questions. I find that they are designed to make people feel guilty. That's just my opinion. Anyway, I'd likely not know about the 3 fertilized embryos knowing me. Also, I'd probably end up saving the 5-year-old.
  • Strange question. The five year old, of course.
  • The 5 year old, I wouldn't even think twice about it.
  • Are you kidding me? The child that is here of course. Who is crazy enough to let a living child die in terror and pain to save testtubes? We all die and we all get many chances to be born. Save the child. Always.
  • The five year old. The embryos cannot survive without a host mother.
  • Well, if I knew that by saving the three embryos that three more children would be born who otherwise never would have, it would be an easy choice. Save the embryos. We might be horrified by the thought of a dying child, but could you imagine trying to explain to three children, many years later, that you made a mistake in saving them and that if you could you would have let them die to save the one child? And what if a time machine were available to do just that? Could you imagine the looks on these kids faces as you entered to send them to oblivion?

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