• Actually, I'm retired but I'm proud of the fact I worked and made arrangements to retire so I could do so at age 59.
  • Yes and No:)
  • Not really, I weld for a living, and while I respect tradesmen. I dont think its for me. It is boreing and tedious, and you constantly burn yourself. Thanks for the opportunity to complain lol:)
  • I work with alzhiemers patients, I love my job, and I am proud of what I do!
  • F**k NO!!! I feel like the a worthless scumbag at my job. I wish I could wear a mask while I work. I am doing everything I can to get through this shit time without blowing my f**king head off. I have many plans in motion that will pay off tremendously, but until the right time comes, I need to stick it out with a blunt in between my fingers to keep me sane.
  • I don't do anything for living(earning livelihood).And I am happy in what I am doing in the spiritual!+
  • I am extremely proud of the things that I have done for a living ... Being 60 years young; I have done quite a few thing although not very long at any as I bore easily ... lol ... However; Most everything I've done has been a clean , decent, and respectable JOB I have no regreats .. +5
  • I usually work in the nursing field, but I am laid off right now. (pregnancy complications) But I am going to be starting school again around the first of the year to get a degree in medical transcription as well. So yes, overall I am proud of what I do, and will be even more so when I can work at home and be with my children full time. +3
  • Yes. Even if is a completely different from my main field of study, my job is challenging and rewarding.
  • I am proud of what I do. I love my career passionately
  • Yes...I work with children who have disabilities...I love my job and can't belive I actually get paid for having such a fun and rewarding time...
  • Yes ... ... and for those who want to know what I do, just click my avatar and read my profile ...
  • I am proud that I work for a living. And I am proud that I help produce things that people need.
  • Yes I am.. I help save a lot of heart patients.
  • Not really. I was when I started as I thought I'd finally be doing something that helped people. However, it's turned out that all I do now is compile reports & statistics so it looks like we're meeting all our targets.

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