• No, of course not. Like everything else, if allowed to reach the addiction stage something needs to be done, but even a lot of TV watching is not bad and some is necessary to keep culturally knowledgeable.
  • Not so much the shows as do the commercials.
  • I think it does. Sitting idle in front of a screen absorbing the rubbish that passes for programming these days can't have a healthy influence on young minds. +4
  • Let's see, how about watching two beautiful adults swearing up a storm, screwing and then killing one another? That is what is offered up on Lifetime nightly. So if you have a parental control and keep them on good stuff, it can be a pleasant experience. You must parent first.
  • Be wise in WHAT ur kids watch. Not how long they watch it. I would often when i was young watch 5 hours of TV. I wasnt addicted or anything, its just there were good shows on at the time and it was always nice to see them. TV in a sense can poison the mind of a child, but its often COMMERCIALS that really poison them to the fact that u can see it clearly when going shopping (Mom that was on TV i want it!).
  • It can be. As many other things in modern popculture. Though You could say the same thing about many parents, teachers and other adults. . It's good to teach children about the lies and psychological manipulation they are being shown all the time. . I.e. teach them how to think for themselves and accept themselves.
  • it can if they watch it all the time and have less time interacting with other children. it could increase the chance for ADD/ADHD also.
  • If you are not careful as to what you let your children watch then indeed it can. I also feel that it can lead to violence in children.
  • It poisons everyone's minds. You couldn't get more retarded if you microwaved yer head. +5
  • Yes, but whatcha gonna do?
  • not as bad as church .
  • Nope - weak parenting skills poison children.
  • An overdose of TV will turn anyone's brain into a fruit.
  • My Girlfriend and I argue over how much the kids watch little girl hardly has her tv on but my son never turns it off and when I make's like the world ended for him lol. I remember when I was a kid everyone played out when you look down your street, it's like there is not a kid in the world! I find even the kid cartoons are more geared for adults!
  • funny - no, that is not what I am saying. TV sux - but I don't think it "poisons" is a symptom of a sick society. yes.
  • Depends of what they are watching,but I must say - YES. Today Tv lacks of moral hygene...
  • my son watches lots of TV and he was virtualy raised for 3 years watching halo. people claim TV and Video games are bad and kill imagination, but daycare LOVES my son and he is very happy most of the time, he plays with his toys making them talk to eachother and he even used stuff laying in the living room to make a seasaw catipult for his toys and stomped on the end to launch his toys into the air. I never showed him how to do that (I think it may have happened in one of his cartoons once.)
  • I think violence and "adult" content IS ruining children's minds! Very sad! Childhood doesn't last very long as it is! Children need to be . . . .well. . . .children for as long as childhood lasts!
  • Excessive popular programming offers the same regurgitated formats and don't really work children's imagination or challenge them to do things. Children need this. In that respect, yes, television can be detrimental for children.
  • Yes, if they are allowed to watch regular TV. There are some cable channel, along with PBS, that has some quality programming.

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