• Now you are going to make me piss off the ladies. Haven't you noticed, the pigs with no respect are the ones that seem to attract the women? Hell you be nice to a woman and show respect and you have cut your own throat. You just became her friend watching them head out on a date with a disrepectful pig.
  • sorry to hear you are not having luck. i have met lots lately that are very kind and respectful. +5
  • Because society paints an image of that jerks as cool guys. But we aren't all that way.
  • Not true! We only hold back on respect with whores.
  • For some reason, it seems too many people lack respect these days. As for men being "pigs," I agree a lot of them are. I have also seen a lot of nice guys, though, who cannot find a decent woman no matter how hard they try. I think there is good and bad in both genders. +5
  • Why are so many women lying, cheating, sl*ts? Hmmmmm...doesn't sound quite so good when put that way, huh? There have ALWAYS been people like this, from BOTH sexes. This is nothing new. Yes, there are a number of pigs out there. Bugger 'em. You don't have to associate with them or date them. Their loss, in my opinion. Move onto better guys. They're out there.
  • Because we're morally degenerating as a society. It's completely normal to lust after women, to degrade them, all sorts of stuff. It's actually expected of men. I refrain from that stuff due to my religious beliefs, and guess what? I have people accuse me of being gay (even some girls.) Just listen to rap music, I think that's a big part of it.
  • when you look for love in a pigpen, you shouldn't be surprised you find alot of snouts. change your hangouts, habits, friends, Dear, good men are out there and they're looking for good women. good luck
  • It has nothing to do with gender. Rudeness, disrespect and humbleness are everywhere, young or old, male or female.
  • I don't see it. But then, I don't hang out in the areas that draw people like that. I also don't treat people in a way to draw that kind of response. From what I see, you get what you give.
  • i suppose youre going to trick me into saying its all to do with the equal rights and that one day we will be so equal that we will all be a new gender and everyone will walk around all mute cos thres nothing to complain about...doh!! seriously women are generally the weaker and fairer sex to be wooed and kept happy like nature intended by chiavrous males unfortunatley there are the exceptions...
  • How can you start a question with 'Why are so many men such pigs' and then talk about a lack of respect, when you clearly have none yourself.
  • Society is nihilistic anything goes and no right or wrong have lead to people not knowing how to act. In times past we at least had religious books. Since it's been pointed out how ridiculous religion is people stopped believing in it We can , however use those old books as they were intended, to understand nature and how it works, We also have scientific insight into our nature and our instincts. We know we're not a blank slate but there realy is a right and wrong way to live. .
  • Seeing your question is under: LIFE AND SOCIETY → DISCRIMINATION AND STEREOTYPES, it sounds like some men got the best out of you. A lack of respect is a growing problem in society. It is what we see and what we experience.
  • Maybe they men you're asking about aren't the problem. Maybe you're just a bitch.
  • Because you choose not to respect them? And only you know why you choose to do that.

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