• My doctor swears by glucosamine, but I've been taking it for a long time, and all I can say is "don't expect any miracles!"
  • that is good they have juice called elations if you dont like taking suppliments also try to slowly increase weight you lift with your legs at the gym it should gradually make them stronger that what a physical therapist told me when i went in a found i had bad knee condition
  • Glucosamine does not work. You are just wasting your money. If your knee cartilage is wearing down it is because of heredity. Sooner or later you will need a knee replacement. In the mean time, you can get plenty of exercise by riding a bike, either in the house (stationary) or out side.
  • Do exercises that make the tendons and muscles lean and limber like yoga, swimming, pilates all are sports that don't add stress to the knee joints, but help strengthen them. Glucosamine and Chondroiton are great for joint support.

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