• in my opinion, the sixties, not too sure why though, just ain't my style
  • The 50's
  • For me it was the 80's paracute pants does any one remember them LOL!
  • id say 50s 80s and most of the 90s except for the latter years
  • i'd say the 50s but that's just my opinion
  • Wow, hard to answer. 1960's -- the beginning of the fashion for frail, twig-like women which eventually led to the "heroin chic" of the 1990's and a still-ongoing epidemic of eating disorders and deaths. 1970's -- fashions were dreadfully ugly, cheap fabrics in hideous prints; and the equally hideous return of these fashions in the early 2000's. A conscious, hateful, and denigrating cheapness from the designers, worn with innocent pride by the victims. YUCK!
  • 80's and early 90s
  • 70's. Platform shoes, polyester leisure suits, etc. Look at the golfers of the 70's with the skin tight checkered pants and shiny stretch fit shirts, lime green, flourescent orange, and bright bright yellow were colors of choice....eeeeek.
  • I lived through them - the 50's. In fact there was no such thing as fashion for ordinary people until the late fifties / early sixties.
  • Each decade has had it's fashion the sixties I thought ultra thin women and synthetic fabrics, for the seventies I can't think of any one particular item that was bad through and through, some platform shoes were bizarre, hair went a bit crazy for a while, hhmmm perhaps for me it was cuffs on mens trousers with wide collars and wide ties...I didn't really like it then don't like it now... The eighties, well what can you say, shoulder pads 6 feet wide, hair to match, some god awful dress shapes, it seemed a decade of extremes, and looking bach ghoulish makeup too...way heavy. The nineties just seemed to follow on from the eighties and then the trashy bling loaded tramp look arrived, (did it ever really die?) and that has to be a fashion mistake of the ages...seems women still think it is good to display all they got, even when they have too much. I think trying to wear a dress size too small has got to be the fashion disaster of the early 'noughties'.
  • The 80s!!! The cringe inducing hairstyles, ugly plastic jewellery, dresses with bows and flares in the oddest of places. can't think of it without going áargh!
  • Its NOW NOW NOW each decade has had its own defined 'look' until the last 20 years when it has been a mish mash of everything
  • Personally, I think it was the 90's. That's because it's the decade that nobody really remembers. At least every other decade in the last 50 years had something distinctive about it. I can't really see anything coming back from the 90's - but I'm sure in the future I'll probably be proved wrong.
  • late 80s/early 90s. jelly shoes, anyone?
  • If I watch the old TV shows from the 70's I think back and I just can't BELIEVE that I used to dress like that.
  • this is going to be unpopular but i think the 80's the 80's.........
  • The 70s! Bell bottoms, sequins, fur vests, platform shoes with fish swimming in them. Ugh!
  • 5-27-2017 Fifty years only takes us back to 1967, but I think the low point in fashion was in the 50s. They had stuff so bad you can't even finds pictures now. Imagine a thin lady wearing a tube. Yes, there was a tube dress in the 50s and you can't find a picture now. Pedal pushers were quite popular, even though they looked like gardening clothes. For the young men, "polished cotton". The goal in those days was to look as sleek as possible.

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