• I run a scan of spybot and then ad aware (seperately)
  • Have you tried ad-aware, that is a good program that always finds and removes fully for free, with updates.
  • I keep it out with a strong firewall. Not Microsoft's, of course.
  • I like to use spybot and ad aware, togetherthy get everything, and they are free.
  • AdAware and Spybots are great programs... No one mentioned that any antivirue or spyware/maleware programs should be run in "SAFEMODE" to do an efficient job! Safemode can also be used to install programs... or find problems on y'r PC far better than in y'r regular startup! Don't forget y'r friend called, "msconfig"
  • You can also dnload Hijack This and run it, then upload the log results to a good help Forum. I recommend MajorGeeks forum.
  • Ad aware personal and spyware both r to be used they remove everything for me they r really help full
  • Using multiple scanners to find all the problems is best. I always use at least spybot: Search and Destroy and Ad-aware, but the more the better, as they can all find different malware. If you're searching for malware like viruses and trojans as well, you'll also want to run a few antivirus scanners and rootkit detectors. However, if you're serious about keeping a secure computer, you'll want to do a fresh install. This is probably not needed for most people, but it's really the only way you can be sure. (assuming your install media hasn't been tampered with...)
  • Visit Gizmo`s site They have a great section on spyware removers.And links to downloads .(and lot`s of other great free stuff)
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or A-Squared Free or SuperAntiSpyware or SpyBot Serach And Destroy, easy.
  • Spyware and Ad-ware hmmm. You need SuperAntiSpyware. SuperAntiSpyware will detect them in no time, it will also detect and remove Trojans etc. 1) SuperAntiSpyware 2) Spybot Search And Destroy 3) A-Squared Free 4) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware There are loads of FREE and PAID for programs that will do this for you. You can email me if you need any help or information.
  • Best way? Get to know how your OS works! Learn everything about registry, system files and other important stuff. Then you can manually remove viruses - you see a problem, then you know where what and how is called and cut it out. But also learn how viruses work; what are the common ways for them to start with your system and what they like to destroy and/or infect. Learn to be a programmer and use everything you know about your OS and viruses to make your own defence mechanism, so you won't have to pay money for buying defence programs for your OS. But if you're lazy, then you need good programs, which actually can detect the threat and save your hiny. My prefered programs are Spybot Search & Destroy (free), ParetoLogic Anti-Spyware (costs) and Kaspersky (costs)/Avast! (costs and requires more resources, but harder to knock out by viruses). But even they all together can't give you 24/7 100% protection, virus developers are always 100 steps ahead.
  • Download and run malwarebytes. then download and run glarys utilities. I usually find poor config and excess junk files/programs is as often the problem as malicious progs.
  • use an antivirus
  • Using Antivirus Software you can remove spyware or malware of your computer..

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