• I've seen zuchini and squash used as fresh vegetable food, and the fish loved it.
  • I was at the pet store and they were also feeding the fish cucumbers.
  • I've tried a few things with my goldfish and they like- Cucumber Zuchini Peas (take the skin off first) Carrots Romaine lettuce Spinach Broccoli I've also been told that goldfish love to eat oranges but I haven't tried it yet. Remember to use organic and/or wash the food very thoroughly before feeding it to your fish.
  • I've seen lettuce, as well as orange slices, in the tanks at PetsMart, usually with the goldfish, possibly cichlids as well.
  • Zuchini is probably the best overall. Cucumbers will also work, but they don't seem to enjoy them as much.

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