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  • No! But don't make it your focus in life. Get involved in other things and if it happens, it happens. Took me eons to find someone. He had to convince me to meet up with him because I was afraid of rejection. Wow am I glad I didn't give up!! And I ain't no spring chicken either. And I don't look like no Barbie doll neither;)
  • You should just live your life. Love happens when you're not looking.
  • Rejection from the wrong people is actually a good thing. If you just change the kind of guy you are looking for, personality as well as maturity and/or age, you probably will have better luck. Also, kids are good. They show the soft side of the right man, and bad kids point you the other way. :)
  • Never give up. :) It's never too late to find love. Try out new things, join groups, and participate in a lot of interesting activities that involve a lot of people. There you could find someone special. And ALWAYS remember, good things are worth waiting for! ++
  • Hell, no! You never give up when it concerns your happiness. The right person to share your life will come, just live the way you like, enjoy life and don't concern too much with actually looking for anyone special. You'll know when you meet.
  • Don't make dating a big focus, put it on the backburner. When I am not looking for pretty dress, that is when I find one.. or two.
  • If you are looking for love from another only you're in trouble. If you're looking for love from someone thru God you'll be just fine.
  • Umm that's a tough one because i don't know?!?! I simply don't know I'am 20 and haven't dating for a quiet a while now.Its seems to me like or that I haven't been dating for a while like 4 to 5 yrs. or maybe more now my last real relationship was...Oh no i lost count,I simply don't or don't remember?Like i have said before i haven't been dating for a while or maybe not that much;if you ask me that's exactly how it looks or seems,maybe its true and or its completelty true, ... yeah i guess that's it. :]well its not completely late or to late,you may or still have some yrs. there "if you ask me"? Don't give up just yet or don't give up i know there's someone out there for you bcs. that's exactly how i feel and look I m simply 20 yrs. old and or I"am 20 yrs. old and I"am already thinking of giving up but the more i think i think about it it almost makes me wanna cry but at the same time while i don't think about it or even if I start to cry i also think of not giving up and contuing on and not stopping.I can't stop bcs. either i will or can find someone out ther for me or god has a plan for me.:P "well if you believe in good not to offend you or anything else.
  • You could resign yourself -- or you could get help. You have to find out why the rejection is happening -- and work on that. I consider the time in between dates as "preparation time" -- don't go out looking, like the Sheriff said -- just prepare yourself. Someone will come along. If you're really prepared when that happens, you might not face rejection again. Or, when you discuss this with a pro -- you might find that you don't actually want somebody around all the time -- that doesn't necessarily mean life alone.
  • Don't look at it as rejection...they are just not meant for you...don't take it personally. Love is somthing that can't be forced or made to either sneaks up on you or jumps out and suprises you. Just keep socially active and out in the friendly and have a good social network...and try not to 'look' for a potential lover...just let the universe deal with will come your way...!
  • No... However, when you stop looking so hard, seemingly desperate, you put off a different kind of vibe than when you just let things happen. I look at it something like "giving up without really giving up". Any time you can increase you "pool" of people to choose from, you have a much better chance. I was 41 when I got divorced. At 44 I got a response to one of the online dating sites. We were together for two years (LD Relationship and visits). As that one was winding down (I was 46 or so), I was contacted on AIM by someone I didn't know, and began corresponding, then talking with her (again, LDR). She came to visit, and after a few months and a few visits, moved in. The next year (I was 48), we were engaged, and almost five years ago (I was 49), now, we were married. The funny thing was, I had pretty much given up on finding anyone except at work, and here I had two long-distance, long-time relationships online, and married the last one. Don't give up completely. But, when you relinquish your "despair" at not having someone, you might find you have a better chance. And take EVERY relationship as a "learning experience". What did you do right? What did you do wrong? What do you need to work on (in yourself)? How can you do it? etc. And take those breaks between relationships to do so. ;-)
  • If your desire to find love is stronger than your desire to be alone, then keep trying .
  • Okay. . . . .what happened?
  • I feel the same as you do hon. I married my first real girlfriend she turned out to be a lying cheating slut. Got involved with a woman I met online she turned out to be a psycho with severe trust issues who made my life hell til I woke up and realized I deserved better Against my better judgement I got involved in a romantic relationship at age 46 with a 23 y/o it was by far the happiest 6 months of my life. She was taken from me last November due to complications of cancer and I have missed her like hell. It has left me much like you wondering if God is trying to tell me to just give up and stop looking because I'm not meant to find true long lasting love in this lifetime.
  • Never!!!!
  • if you have a lot of rejection, try to analyze how you approach dating. if you think you are ok, then try dating a different kind of person than you normally do. open your mind and your horizons and don't stick to the same kind of dates.
  • DAMN sorry its probably over....
  • Never. It doesn't matter whether people reject You. Just work on Yourself and look for people who could suit You. . There's always someone there of the opposite sex that has a similar dilemma.
  • No way. A tip. Don't look for it, it will come when it's ready. Enjoy the life you are living at this time. Forget about romance, do things you like to do, relax with yourself, enjoy yourself. When you are relaxed with yourself, enjoying what you are doing, romance will pop its head up. The thing you have been wanting has come along. You have been enjoying your life but, now the romance you have hungered for has come. Can this feeling(love) be better than what you have now. Think about this very deeply. What you have now, you don't have to share, you do what you enjoy doing. The other way, you have the love of your life, he doesn't like what you like to do, you have to change. He doesn't like your friends etc. THINK.
  • I believe you just need to get laid
  • Bet you're sorry you asked this question, huh Curly? So many analysts among us. You got to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince so stay with the program. Get out, go to grocery store often, stay preened, smile a lot, stay out of dirty smokey bars, exercise and try to go where other people are as much as possible. You are an attractive woman, be picky!!
  • Well I'd say the first problem is the self-esteem. A woman who is a 5, but has self confidence jumps up to a 7 in seconds. A woman who is a 7 but mopes and sighs drops down to a 5 in seconds. If you can't appreciate yourself first, yes, give it a rest.
  • Im 47 near and Ive Just found some one I that I think its gonna work with, I been looking since 1999 and Ive been doing the same as you, Ive known this person for two and half years, and now we have decided to be a couple. A couple of idiots if it doesn't work!Because I don't think we will stay friends after that and I will be hurt, this is what stops us I think, going through pain. But Im telling you because Im saying don't give up you have nothing to lose, you will be un happy anyway, enjoy your friends anyway.All the best to you.
  • ya know..I asked that question of myself a couple yrs ago. I didnt give up, im now married.....and im more alone than I ever was single. So, the answer is "single doesnt mean alone" Find yur happiness in YOU!
  • There is someone for everyone. Maybe you are getting up with losers. Find someone that is kind, intelligent and willing to love you for you.
  • In all honesty, dating sucks. If you've gotten rejected so many times you're better off giving up on dating and focusing on other areas of life.
  • Your'e way too hot to be alone. the right guy will come along, andd you will know in you heart when you find him, just have some fun with the rest.
  • You don't need to change your dream and desire, you need to change your plan of getting what you want. Dating really sucks. Try interacting in a different manner. You are 49, find people of like minded interests and gravitate there.
  • maybe you're looking in the wrong direction. if you've been looking at people younger than you, you should now turn to people older than you. Ago is only a tool for livig in this rotten pre-established society of civilization. break free and rediscover yourself

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