• Sure, why not?
    • bluelobster
      Her story went away but is it cool to dm her ?hey I like your drawing you had on your story a couple of days ago? or what should I say?
  • Just be yourself and do what you think is best. Honesty is always best.
    • bluelobster
      What should I say. She took some pictures of New York and I could text her about that but, I?m afraid that?s kind of stupid. We both go to the same high school. I just need a conversation starter.
    • bluelobster
      I dm her and all I got was a thank you!
    • bluelobster
      We talked for a little and everything is cool. Thanks guys
    • Archie Bunker
      Girls like self-confidence, man. Just be confident with yourself and you'll be fine. What's the worst she could do? Not talk to you? There are more fish in the sea if so.

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