• He was. Just not soon enough.
  • Because he was an excellent dictator. I don't mean this in a "good way." The things he did and supported were horrible. I mean this in the sense that he did everything right when it comes to dictatorship. He was an amazing leader. An ass! But a good leader nonetheless
  • Several attempts were made on his life and they all failed. He had to do it himself.
  • He was stopped by the Soviet Union.He didn't want to get captured by the Soviets so he killed himself.
  • For the same reasons Barack Obama hasn't been stopped...charismatic eloquence at a time when the masses are desperate for answers to problems that don't require any personal acceptance of blame, but rather the willingness of the government to assume responsibility instead. If you doubt me, read your history. Civilization is replete with such cases.
  • France & England couldn't face up to what kind of person he was and the fact that another war was coming. The USSR was too weak and didn't think that Germany was an imminent threat.
  • Hitler had answers for real problems that Germany faced as a result of the Treaty of Versailles and, dare I say it, the opportunistic bankers who were ruining the economy. Whether he was a dastardly man or not, he put Germany back on her feet, if only for a short time. If he had contented himself to merely re-arm? He would have died of old age.
  • Selfishness and HATE go a long way towards advancing evil.
  • He was, by the combined forces of all the Allied nations.
  • He was a smooth operator
  • From one crisis to another, it was easier to appease than to confront, as explained by then prime minister Neville Chamberlain in 1939: .
  • Hitler was legally elected to office by the people of Germany during severe economic turmoil. He became a dictator through manipulation of the political system, murder and some dirty tricks. During 1971 I lived in Frankfurt, I spoke to more than one German who lived through that time. Some still give him credit for turning the economy around. Followed by a, "who knew what he had in mind for the long term".
  • He pushed the envelope until the right opposition got a paper cut. Apathy.
  • He was stopped, by the time it happen it was too late.+5
  • Hitler was stopped, by himself though. Suprisingly he was attempted to be assasinated 42 times but all failed, in the end he knew he was going to lose everything because of the allied forces, so his wife took a lethal dose of syanied killing herself then Adolf took his pistol and put it to his head and shot himself
  • I'm assuming your question refers to stopping "the final solution," rather than his attempt to conquer European territories. Many historians believe that Hitler wasn't stopped due to MASS APATHY. For example, it was known that Jews were transported to the concentration camps (located in isolated areas) via trains, yet no one attempted to bomb the train tracks.
  • He was a brilliant manipulator, an egomaniac and extremely focused on a goal to enchant, seduce and conquer. Very evil. (and he was stopped)
  • Early on he was simply reclaiming land that belonged to Germany, the Rhineland etc. So no-one really had the political will to intervene. Especially after the disaster of French intervention earlier that brought the Weimar Republic to its knees. By the time their was political will no-one had the means to do much about it.
  • You need to consider the scale of what you're talking about. Napoleon's "Grande Armee" was 600,000 soldiers strong when he decided to invade Russia. Hitlers Nazis had over 3 million soldiers. It was the largest army ever assembled. The British Expeditionary force that they routed out of France at the beginning of the war was a paltry 300,000 soldiers. When you have that kind of advantage, you pretty much get to do whatever you want.
  • He was, in 1945, he was stopped. If he was never stopped he woulda kept going till he died in like the 80's or 90's
  • His campaign of fear was extremely successful in scaring people into not resisting. His charisma helped convince most everyone else that he was good for Germany. Foreign leaders tried to appease him for WAY too long.
  • That depends - stopped by whom, and at what point are you referring to? There are a lot of reasons that the atrocities committed by Nazis and Nazi Germany under Hitler happened & continued for as long as they did. It would take a long, long time to explain it really well. But basically this: - Fear - Abuse of power - Desire to regain Germany's strength (after WWI & the Depression & war reparations) - Un-armed citizens - Propaganda - Countries like the US refusing to step in for so long - Germany's initial allegiance with Russia - also, we couldn't have defeated Germany without Russia. - The anti-semitism that was so widespread in those days - and not just within Germany.
  • Well, he was eventually!
  • He was.

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