• Yes.
  • nnore than that, he was evil
  • Nope. He was a victim of circumstance and history revision. It was Himmler who did and oversaw most of the killing and it was the Jewish showman Karl Haushofer who 'educated' Hitler and Hess onto the murderous path they drove their people down. Nazism was, after all, a black rereading of the old jewish laws. But where they "punished" the jews instead of the gentiles.
    • mushroom
      So Hitler himself was "only following orders?"
    • Linda Joy
      Right and it was someone else's fault he drove his niece to suicide with his controlling ways. And it was someone else who caused him to want women to defecate on him to get his dick up? Come one man even you don't believe that! You just say this ignorant crap because you like getting people pissed! hahaha!

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