• Exhilarating
  • Yes. I personally just felt numb. I had no emotion of sadness or happiness. Feeling numb in my opinion is the worst feeling of all. I'd rather feel depressed. I was in a state of mind to have no feelings. My emotions had left. I was a robot. I hope I never feel that way again. Good question +5
  • Made me feel old
  • Yes, I had to keep myself busy otherwise I was just depressed all the time.
  • It made me feel like I had no beginning and nothing to use as a crutch.
  • Feeling emotionally shattered is very draining and I am experiencing it now and have been for a while now. It is very tuff, kind of like being on an emotional roler coaster.
  • Pretty horrible time I was grief stricken and it was hell. I came thru it and learned alot.
  • Like nothing is ever going right, nothing ever will go right, like life just isn't worth it anymore.
  • yeah, it was pretty bad. i wouldn't want to do anythinggg. but i would go crazy with boredom and loneliness if i just laid around. but even when i did get out, i couldn't really enjoy myself. i was just depressed and upset all the time. butttt, time heals all. things eventually get better. :)
  • I don't remember. I know that it happened, but I don't remember what it was like. I barely remember how I reacted, either. All I know is that I went nuts and just walked around for about an hour really weirdly making nonsensical noises. I think that the reason that I don't remember it is that even having a clear memory of what being emotionally shattered feels like would drive someone insane. So your mind makes you forget it, which is good, because why would you want to remember something like that anyway?
  • When my first wife and I divorced, I fought hard for the custody of our daughter because the man she was about to marry was cruel to his own kids beating them until they quit crying several times and had served time for statutory rape. I did not want my daughter in that enviroment.She was eventually placed with her mother; I will not go into details but it was not good. I was so devistated at the time of the divorce I could not eat because my stomach was knotted and threw up what I tried to eat. I couldn't even talk for about 30 or so hours because my throat was so clinched up. I lived in the mountains and I walked, no trudged to the top of one and wished I never had to come down again. I know I cried until there were no more tears. I did not care what happened to me I was the walking dead if anything. Today my daughter still suffers from her ordeals. Now also, some 36 years later I believe I have met the first woman I can say I truly love and she wasn't even born then. I will love her for ever and ever...Amen!
  • Yes, but the feeling is hard to describe, really. Heartbreak just hurts, and for me it's moreso than the physical pain... :(
    • Boola Boo
  • Yes, more than once. It aged me terribly and was awful.

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