• I'm going to make this easy and say no. +3
  • I can't even name 50 states..
  • Colorado has a great view. :) +5
  • yes i can!!
  • Sure............I'll Try!!!! . . but not now later!!!:)
  • florida! old people live here, out of all their experience's why are they here now? :] plus one of the best beaches are ranked 1 here
  • Well, I've been to a few. Let me make some suggestions, but this is just based on what I've seen. Virginia - Blue Ridge Mountains South Dakota - Badlands Idaho - Craters of the Moon Wyoming - Devil's Tower (Or Grand Tetons, I can't decide) Nevada - Las Vegas Hawaii - Kona maybe? I can't decide. Maryland - farm country north of Baltimore Pennsylvania - Lancaster county Arizona - Grand Canyon Minnesota - Mille Lacs Lake area South Carolina - Charleston shore area New York - Niagara Falls Rhode Island - Newport Michigan - Lake Michigan shore Iowa - I didn't like anything in Iowa. Sorry :( Utah - Salt flats (the Great Salt Lake was smelly) I haven't been to monument valley so I can't compare also, D.C. - the mall AI've been to other states but I didn't see enough to name the best place.
  • I have insomnia again so here's a few fun places: +4 Alabama - the Mobile beach, the river in Huntsville Alaska - aurora borealis Arkansas - unspoiled land Arizona - grand canyon Colorado - mountains Connecticut - beautiful homes and scenery in the fall California - vineyards Delaware - Wilmington - the river, and the beaches Florida - Disney World,Key West history,the long bridge Georgia - riding thru narrow tree-lined back roads Hawaii - Waikiki beach Idaho - Hell's Canyon

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