• equality.
  • Uh ... well theres ... um ... then again, it's very ... err ... gimmie a few days, I'll think of SOMEthing! : )
  • The modern day gimme gimme gimme, mindset replaced with one of cooperation, equality, respect, and trust.
  • I can't. Sadly it's also usually those who want it most who will suffer most if it comes; the only equality being that everyone will be worse off. 99% of those who admire socialism fundamentally misunderstand economics.
  • There are no Republicans, no Congresswhores, no banksters, no religious nuts...gee, that's sounding better and better with every word.
  • No capitalists, the government provides for the needy, compassion is the driving philosophy, i could go on for ages...Socialism Rocks!
  • I can't--there is nothing.
    • Murgatroyd
      How dare you say that AND name yourself after such a cool song as this?
  • Sweden.
  • There is more time to actually live your life. I visited Czechoslovakia once. As implemented, it's far from perfect, but fixed prices do have advantages. You want it? buy it. take it home, use it. No time wasted looking for a bargain (which is illusory anyway).
  • hmm..well, there's.....ummm...nope, nothing positive about.
  • The trains run on time.
  • Advantages: 92% of the population would be better off if we had socialism. The state could take more control and there would be no boom and bust! Really money would be spent more on the right things. It would be better for society. Disadvanges: 8% of the population would have less money and the people with power are in this 8%, however they could keep more money for themseves and make everyone else more equal but they wouldnt because politics is spun by money. Everything is. Some policians have tried to make things more fair dispite this pressure. Others have made capitalist control stronger. Many promise more social policies but deliver them with spin so they are not as good as they first seem.
    • Murgatroyd
      92% versus 8%. Majority rules! Lol:)
  • It controls prices of essentials and controls monopolies where none should perhaps exist when to the detriment of a society.
  • Everyone gets to bitch about crappy service, oppressive taxes and not getting promoted instead of only the lucky few.
  • cool t-shirt.
  • Its theory...
  • Ok before new labour took over with Tony Blair the labour goverment in the U.K was a socialist goverment. All the big major utility industries were owned by the goverment. British Gas, British coal, British rail, Electricity, Education, National health......the idea was and still is , that all people would get the basic things required for living, ie gas , water, electricity and a transport sytem that worked becuase the state and therefore the people through thier taxes owned the aforementioned sevices. It meant huge taxes but a system that worked. Margeret Thatcher in her wisdom sold these things off to private concerns, ( with the railways she had to take away a royal charter to do so) The end result is we now have higher bills and an infastructure that is falling apart in the UK. The main reason for this is that a private company has one concern.......not to run a service but to make money. To answer your question Socialism, houses, keeps warm, and supplies education and health to its population at a fair price becuase no profit is being chased, any profits made are ploughed back into the infastructure of the country. As a nation we have turned our back on social ideals, most people in my country think socialism is a dirty word. This is partialy due to Mr Murdoch the entertainment mogul who had a newspaper in the UK called the sun, on page three of this newspaper every day he posted pictures of topless girls. The paper was also very right wing and dumbed down politics and spoon fed the working population right wing pap. I have always been amused how people can be persauded to vote for a certain party by a pair of mamaries. So there you have it, the UK lost its gas , water and leccy and all its transport sytem to foriegn investors cos the dumb working class males liked looking at pairs of tits. Write that on your next paper on UK polotics in the 20th and 21st centuries. DISCLAIMER............This is a personal view and only acurate in a very broad sense of the word.......Please any true blue tories out there go close down a factory or mine and leave this post alone
    • Murgatroyd
      I'm with you, edge. Tony Blair is nothing but a closet Tory dictator. I bet his favourite song is that Bryan Adams one "Everything I Do, I Do It For Me". Lol:)
  • Only positive thing about true Socialism is it will diminish racism and discrimination of the poor.
  • i cant do the impossible
  • If dems are voted out in 2010 and BHO in 2012 we may be able to reverse there damage here in USA.
    • Murgatroyd
      There damage here? That is neither here nor there. Lol:)
  • Socialists are secular Socialized medicine More & better social programs for the working class Free education More social equality
  • Obama doesn't subscribe to it.
  • Kibbutzim in Israel are run as mini-socialist societies and work extremely well with very happy people.
  • it would work in a Utopian society, in which no one lives in.
  • Public schools.
  • Great concept in theory. It makes sure everyone has a decent standard of living and care. In reality, there are still the greedy and the lazy.
  • Universal healthcare, in the Uk it's the NHS
  • I'm not giving up my car for a volga! . Since chavez socialized the oil industry in his country... he is producing 20% less oil. . On the other hand the drug trade is humming along.
  • The following description of a form of socialist ideology called "Cotton Patch Socialism" was described to me as being nearly universally accepted. My own experience would be consistent with that view. Cotton Patch Socialism: Origins and Ideology
  • They care annmac
  • It raises the minimum level of wellbeing, ensuring that at least, everyone has access to education and health care, and temporary but long-term protection against unemployment. It balances these with free enterprise and the ability for the talented and ambitious to do well. It is a system that invests in society.
  • There is nothing positive about screwing someone out of what they have earned honestly! To give to a lazy able bodied prick!
  • Most Americans don't want it -- that's a positive.
    • Murgatroyd
      Why don't most Americans want socialism, Thriftymaid? What's wrong with it?
  • National Geographic
  • Socialism has its place in that it stabilizes capitalist republic economies by providing equalizing advantages to the lower classes that would otherwise be denied to them. Socialism provides education, health care, and living wage supplements like unemployment and food stamps. Pure capitalism would falter through rebellion or stagnant decadence if not for socialist programs that provide for the needs of the poor. Look at it this way, that single mom at the Walmart checkout doesn't work there because she wants to, but because she has to. If she wasn't getting food stamps, medicare, section 8 housing, public schooling and daycare for her kids,then she would not be able to work at all. That and your shopping cart full of imported products would be significantly more expensive if the corporation was providing a living wage, basic family needs and adequate health care for all its employees. So next time you go through the drivethru you should wonder who'd be giving you your number 4 if we were a purely free market culture. (I know people in situations like these and they are not stereotypes.)
  • It goes part of the way towards communism (to each according to need, from each acording to ablity).
  • It makes for lots of debate here on AB.
  • It sounds funny?
  • libraries, police, fire departments, road crews, trash service, sewage treatment, schools, universities, et cetera. sure, there's room for lots of improvement, but i'd hate to see all socal programs privatized. especially in light of our current financial crisis and the massive corruption of big business.
  • Free toothpaste from the government.
  • I'm sorry this question is miscategorized. In America the question if capitalist vs socialist is more a matter of religion rather than politics or economics.
    • Murgatroyd
      Socialism is a political concept, not a religious one. Why do so many people on Answerbag have to bring religion into everything?
  • Its social?
    • Murgatroyd
      Its social what?
  • There are plenty of positive things about socialism.

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