• I'm thinking it would be a toss up between water and glass. Most likely glass. It is more dense.
  • WHY??? Lol
  • Of those, aluminum and glass have about the same speed - 5000m/sec. Water is 1480m/sec. Bubble wrap and air should be the same at about 340m/sec.
  • Bubble wrap is Air and thin plastic, i choose bubble wrap :D
  • sound travels best in the most dense material, but dissipates fast also. so I would guess glass. but, it would depend on the quality of the glass, if it is of good quality (few air bubbles) I think it would be glass.
  • Sound is basically the transmittance of vibration from one molecule to another. It moves along the quickest when the molecules are close (dense). So glass or aluminum, solids, would have the fastest sound velocity.
  • The speed of sound in m/s is given by the square root of the quotient between the modulus of elasticity (the shear modulus, specifically, in pascals) divided by the density (in kilograms per cubic meter). Because glass is a wide variety of different materials with different properties, aluminium is probably the appropriate answer, but there exist types of glass with comparable or maybe even faster speed of sound.
  • Bubble wrap. Because you could sit and play with bubble wrap for hours. Playing with aluminium or glass is just boring.
    • Linda Joy
      Not if the aluminum or glass is in the form of a throwing star and there is blood involved.
    • Archie Bunker
      Yeah. Forgot that.

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