• What's a jackel?
  • Oh you should not have said that. You open yourself up to so much here that will be delightful to address. Let me just start with you pointing the finger at anyone and calling their mom a jackal. What did Obama ever do to you, retarded one, that you can say such filth about his mom whom you have never met. She did a lot better job raising him than your mother did raising an evil, creepazoid like yourself. I bet if you pull your pants down, there is a rat tail coming out of your ass. A jackal is too good for you.
    • RareCatch
      Interesting. Dec. 02
  • You can't say anything negative about obama, even in an obvious sacastic way, because the obaminites will have their revenge. You may have been free to joke about every President from Washington to Bush, but not obama, he's their chosen one....excuse me...I have to go puke...
  • Give it a rest. The certificate issue was handled forever ago. Read a paper once in a while.
  • XD!!! I don't care what any of these other assholes say, that made me laugh!
  • LOL! My, my...when is everyone going to drop this "Obama wasn't born in the U.S." stuff? Dude...the birth certificate has been produced. No matter how many ways you word the question, he's still a U.S. citizen! Thanks for the giggle, anyway!

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