• Atheists are people who have tested for the existence of supernatural powers and have determined that the concept of supernatural is imaginary. The element of natural is sufficient to explain all phenomena.😍
  • I don't think about them at all.
    • OrangeDonRump
      "I don't think at all" --- corrected for you....
  • They're pretty much like everyone else, many good people, some argumentative jerks, some very sweet friends. I believe they have every right to believe as they choose. I don't think they have the right to be name calling bullies and persecute those who believe differently than they do. But I also believe those who choose to believe in gods have no right to try and force others to believe as they do either. I believe in freedom of choice.
  • I'm going to be quite honest here unless whatever you believe in brings to me money power better health lower insurance rates a better credit score less legal problems I'm not the slightest bit interested in your belief. If you're an atheist you need to seriously consider what does it bring to your life? Does it put more money in your pockets does it help you to avoid legal problems does it make you live longer does it give you better health does it improve your credit score and lower your insurance rates? If your belief does this then by all means believe in it. And the reason I'm telling you this is because those people that are Christians have all these things and can prove it on paper.
  • They can believe or not believe. It doesn't matter to m.
  • people can have any opinion they want ..opinions are only that ,opinions and not fact
    • OrangeDonRump
      Nothing factual about ANY Cult - Christianity, Islam, whatever...
  • Atheists are just people who are unaffected by religious delusions and peer pressure. Religious nut jobs are intolerant of atheists because they don’t tolerate difference. It’s because of unconvincing religious nut jobs that atheism exists. Atheism is knowledge and understanding of the real world. Religious nut jobs fail to understand this because they are brainwashed idiots who can’t prove their point in their stupid “god” claims
    • MisterKatt
      Be nice now!
    • MisterKatt
      Be nice now!
  • Just like anything else; to each his own.
  • Its better to not ask too many questions about it or we all might lose a paid holiday every year.. After all if they dont have anyone to thank theres no point in giving them a paid holiday to do it. Do the secret code letters I R 1 mean anything to you?
  • I think okay of them. They're entitled to their beliefs. I don't believe what they say though.
  • Everybody is entitled to their beliefs
  • They are entitled to their beliefs, just as much as religious people are entitled to theirs. Live and let live.
  • Atheist test God, it is written whoever test creator does not get the way of God. Atheists are ignorant people who do whatever they want to do by ignoring the warnings of saints. I have only one word for atheists i.e Ignorant. Scripture says Ignorant remains in the prison forever.
    • MisterKatt
      What are the warnings of the Saints?

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