• Jealousy and insecurity.
  • Because women are very cerebreal. Always thinking, they kind of view it as a field of battle. While we are paying attention to things like golf, football, fishing, drinking, hanging-out, etc.....What do you think they're doing??? There can't possibly be that many women out there only going out for tea or to a tupperware party, no?
  • I've always wondered that myself. Women tend to be women's worst enemies which is unfortunate. If women supported each other and had each others backs more, it would only improve things. I wish there was an easy answer. I've found that I just do what I can to help other women. I work as a manager/supervisor in my company and I try to promote women and enable them to succeed as much as I can. If enough women do this (i.e. lead by example) maybe it can start to change.
  • Because in general women are bitches and are jealous of a beautiful and confident woman. Too bad for them.

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