• how would you even make christian pornography? nuns n priests n stuff? abraham and the dirty maid, david and the golieth boner? hahahaha.
  • What is christian pornography?
  • If it isn't NSFW, then it isn't porn. Also, isn't "Christian porn" kind of like "Kosher ham"?
  • This sounds like a huge oxymoron to me. Just like "Army Intelligence".
  • Why not? Sure. +4 great question!
  • "No extramarital sex, unless it is to illustrate the downfalls of adultery." . I am a christian and I think this is stupid as hell! . I can see it now "Honey I brought Tish home from work so we could see the downfalls of adultery"! LMFAO!!! Where do people come up with this crap!
  • I don't think it's a bad idea. There are a lot of misconceptions about sex and I think it's great for people who share the same values to be able to have a place like this without going through what they concider "smut" or sinful.
  • Wow!!! LOL!!! I find several issues with it. "It must portray sex within the context of a Christian marriage." Why? Because only christians can have sex properly...better yet...only christian marriage is correct...or only sex within marriage is correct? Who knows what will happen next. Are the people thinking about uploading this website trying to redefine porn so that it's not so "evil" or maybe so that christians can enjoy it without "guilt?" I'm confused on what the purpose would be.
  • okay i am so confused :-S...
  • If it has no explicit language or images, then it's not porn.
  • I guess there is a market for everything. If somebody likes it then let them have it as long as only consenting adults are involved.
  • I wish more Christians had such a healthy giew about sexuality.
  • It doesn't jive for me. The first paragraph closely mirrored my own beliefs and feelings about sexuality: in the right context it is a beautiful thing, in the wrong context it becomes a grave sin. Pornography feeds our lust, fills us with greed, may inspire envy or covetousness. Pornography sets up unrealistic expectations. What the site proposes isn't pornography, but a site for Christian couples to explore their sexuality together. Such a resource is needed, but I wouldn't put it on the public internet. People would abuse such a site, using it as pornography, getting cheap thrills and everything this site denounces.
  • As a rule I think porn is dumb, but I can't wait to see Corinthians 7:3, the husband render unto the wife due benevolence: and likewise also the wife unto the husband. Christian rear rendering, sounds kinky. :)
  • Will this effect my popularity or overall point seeking skills?
  • Christian pornography is as Christian as is Christian wars, or Christian theft. It is hypocritical and evidence of false religion.
  • I agree with you, that it is absurd. But I never thought I'd read a piece entitled 'Fisting and God's Will'
  • "Christ-centered porn, made to be viewed by Christians and tailored to their unique needs." That part made me lol. I don't know. As funny as this is, I kindof think that it is sortof awesome. This website is also filled with unintended comedy gold. "Masturbating for the Glory of God?" "Fisting and God's Will?" Classic. Thanks for sharing this.
  • That site was garbage . It took scripture out of context and was horrible, especially what it said about Jesus advocating oral sex. Wrong.
  • Christian pornography! Ha ha! That's great! ROFL
  • That was hysterical, especially 'Fisting & Gods will', words I never imagined would inhabit the same sentence.
  • Just another way for someone to make money.
  • this site EXPLOITS the sacredness and privacy of a married couple.....what goes on between 2 that have become ONE in the MARRIAGE BED is not to be EXPLOITED but held SACRED and God's would be an ABOMINATION and BLASPHEMOUS to DEFILE & EXPLOIT the MARRIAGE BED in such a manner...'Be Ye Not Deceived' and i highly warn God's Faithful not to 'deceive themselves' ,in such a DISOBEDIANT WAY... it is "MOCKERY", and "HE will not be MOCKED!"
  • Well... their view on sexuality is more sensible than the view of some other christians.... however it is still kind of crazy. This part was my favourite: "One of the complaints against conventional pornography is that it creates unrealistic expectations about sex and warps the viewer’s attitudes towards sexuality and the opposite sex. This argument could not be made against Christian porn, because it would be presenting a healthy and realistic representation of married Christian sexual life, and would be modeling correct and respectful husband-wife relationships, creating a positive vision for what can be expected in a future marriage. " Priceless!!
  • Makes about as much sense as 'Christian Metal'. If it's instructional, it's not porn. If it's porn, it can't be Christian, it's fornication. Sounds like another attempt by Christians to justify and/or rationalize yet another situation that their good book failed to tell them about. Edit: “...fisting actually has a scriptural precedent, as we will show”. “In the Song of Solomon, the Bible describes the act of fisting and the profound erotic bliss it induces: It is the voice of my beloved! He knocks, saying, "Open for me, my sister, my love, My dove, my perfect one”…My love thrust his hand through the opening, and my feelings were stirred for him. (Song of Solomon 5:2-4) “ And for your further perusal: “Viagra and God's Will” God knew man would create Viagra? “Threesomes Within a Christian Marriage” Woo-Hoo! Sign me up for this church!

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