• No it's not the same as a 53' trailer. Alittle more difficult to back up. Alittle more to handle on a windy day. Alot more trailer braking involved. AKA PUP's it's like having two dogs on the same chain .
  • Richard is correct. Doubles or "pups" are difficult to control in ice and snow and windy high winds. The tractor steering mechanisms are the same as 53' single trailers. They do have the advantage of making it easier to go around corners on local roads. Backing up, except for very short distances, is near impossible. You need to be much more gentle with steering movements. 28' "pups" are short and high-- a formula that makes them tend to tip on ramps. Some companies run triples (turnpike triples), but only on interstate highways and toll roads.
  • 10-4 I like pulling 53' although in town where there are alot of Vehicles pups are nice.In california trips would be a challange. Keep the bugs off your glass & the bears off your ask? Ha HA

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