• I chose to remember them as they were.
  • Remember them as they were.
  • in the past i have viewed the body and remembered how they were not how i seen them last.
  • I choose to not see the body. My memories are enough.
  • I'd choose to see the body. I'll take all the memories of them I can get; the good and the bad.
  • I didn't want to but was persuaded to see my dad immediately after he died and I am so glad I did it. He looked really peaceful and just looked like he was sleeping.
  • It would depend on who! A family member i would most likely want to see!
  • I prefer my memory, especially since I can paint it a little more rosy than things really were. My last memory of my grandfather was him hugging me and telling me how much he loved me, not the vision of his lifeless, emphysema stricken body in a box.
  • A good friend of mine died this week just after he'd moved very far away, so I have no choice. I can't see him. It's a shame all the way around.
  • I would yes! so long as they were still in one piece & had not been used for organ donation as this I've heard can be quite a shock for some! best to remember them as they were!!
  • Before I saw my mom at her funeral I definitely would have said yes. Now I'd much rather just remember them for how they were. My mom was a larger woman and she didn't look anything like herself by the funeral.
  • No I never attend viewings......I believe a persons body is merely their shell in life, I believe their soul/spirit is housed in that shell and once the body stops, no life flowing through the veins so to speak, the soul/spirit is what stays with us in the form of memories. The beauty of a person is in their soul/spirit so I have no need to look at the body to remind me of the beauty that once was I have my memories which is all I need. Good question!
  • Two people that I loved so much died & I couldn't bring myself to see how they looked, I remember them how they were when they were alive
  • I had a brother and sister die! I was not able to see either. While I'm ambivalent as to whether I actually COULD have. . . . .I'm thinking I would have if I had been given the opportunity! I guess I would have done it for "closure"!
  • Everyone has their own story, but when my dad died my whole family was in the waiting room praying he would be okay. I can't even remember who decided we should all see him after they told us he didn't make it, but for a very long time afterward I wished I had not seen him. They worked on him for 6 hours trying to revive him before he died and when I saw him his hands looked like they were still clenched to the bed and his mouth was still wide open and his head back. It horrified me because he looked like he suffered so much. If anyone decides to see a loved one after they have just passed on like that, may I suggest someone tells the doctors or nurses to make sure it's not a bad sight that will be ingrained in the family member's memories forever.
  • I would be able to view. +5
  • My father-in-law died at home, in the presence of his doctor who announced that the end was coming. We assembled around his bed as the breathing became slower and slower and he peacefully died. When my father died he had been taken ill on holiday and taken to hospital in a distant town, and I went with my mother and sister to see him in the chapel of rest attached to the hospital. We stood around his body and wept together. About four years later my mother died suddenly, unexpectedly. She simply went to bed and didn't wake up in the morning. I saw her body in bed just as if she had been in a deep sleep. My sister and I went to the undertakers' to take our leave of her body. For me, taking leave of the bodies of my parents was a matter filial respect and love. I remember my parents as they had been in their prime. My father was away at war when I was born so he didn't see me into the world, and I doubt that he would have done if he had been at home, because men of his generation didn't attend the births of their children, but when my parents died I felt that it was my duty to see them out of the world.
  • I've always chosen to see...I'm not sure why. Even with my grandmother, I was there with her as she passed and I still had to see her at the funeral/showing.
  • remember as they were
  • One time I was inches away from my grandfathers dead body as it was laying on a stainless steel slab. Same with my grandmother and uncle. It just ended up that way I guess.

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