• Methink tis the evolutionists who are fooled if that be the case.
  • Yep..the devil did it..LMAO
  • Haha that is exactly what I mentioned in my answer to one of your other questions.
  • well that sure is a lot simpler than trying to explain evolution...and it sure doesn't have much evidence to it either. it'd be a pretty elaborate plan on Satan's part. kudos to him.
  • No doubt. that Satan is a muthafucka!!! he also caused my toe gout and and violated my ovulating platypus.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh come on, you know your platypus was just askin for it, man!
  • Dinosaurs were created as part of the animal world...and had gone BEFORE man was created...probably used by God to fertilise the earth...That they existed is not in doubt. It is WHEN they existed... Man was created LAST. There is no conflict.
  • Of course Satan did it, explains it perfectly.. who needs the theory of evolution?
  • If you believe the bible is the word of god, then things are clear. there was no death before sin, so no dinosaurs died. Mans methods of dating are keyed to assumptions and not proven facts, some fairly recent events produce data that is thousands of years old by the dating methods.
  • Sure. It's the perfect explanation, yet it explains nothing. What more could one ask for?
  • I think the dinosaurs came and went just as naturally as any other species that has occured. I don't think religion has one whit to do with it.
  • It is a lot simpler answer saying "Satan dun it" than "a process of presevation of calcium from living dinosaurs eras ago dun it"
  • this scenario is just another piece of babel from some village idiot.
  • It's a theory that cristians come up with cos they can't think of any other way of explaining it i think :) have you ever thought that it could have been God that put the bones there? TO TEST OUR FAITH No one will ever know, we werent there Just believe what you believe and stick with it :)
  • Technically, the Biblical story of creation is a "myth", not a "hoax". A hoax would involve attempting to fool people by falsifying evidence. In this case, we simply have a mythical old story made up to provide comfort or add weight to a larger myth. Nobody fabricated any evidence, and in fact the utter lack of evidence for the 6 days of creation is why it's properly classified as a myth.
  • The bible creation story is plagiarized from an older Sumerian myth of the Sumerians about the Anannaki, having nothing to do with creation. "Eve" was male in the original version and the "snake" a kind Anannaki trying to help the natives of that area escape capture.
  • No - I reckon God shoved a few fossils and bones into the ground on an off day; "This'll keep 'em guessing in years to come!" God does have a sense of humour, doesn't he?
  • I say the former. I'd like to see those wacky Evolooshinists try to explain away Satan's DNA on the T Rex skull that I have in my freezer! Ha! :P
  • On the contrary. Satan placed the first chapters of Genesis into the Bible to deceive people into not making use of their brain and thereby proving they are not worthy of the title "intelligent life"
  • Nope. I think animals that died a looooooooooong time ago died and left those bones.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh so the animals pulled this hoax! oh!!! those damn animals! *shakes fist at hoax pulling damned animals*
  • If Satan did that, then that means that God knew of it ahead of time. Thus allowing folks the opportunity to be 'decieved". Nice of God to allow folks to be deceived, eh?
  • Nothing can change my belief in God.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh really? because I'm God. And I'm going to kill myself right now, so I no longer exist. HOW YOU GONNA BELIEVE IN ME THEN???? HUH? Ready? here we go!! *pulls gun, blows brains out* *says no more*
  • Nah, Satan made up god, Jesus and the bible. Satan's not evil, he's just funny that way.
  • If the entire left side of my brain was blown off in a freak Dick Cheney shotgun accident then yeah I'd believe Satan did it, otherwise no.
  • lol..."the greatest trick the devil ever pulled , was convincing the world he doesn't exist" Verbal form the "the usual Suspects"
  • yes, Satan worked very hard at 2 AM on tuesday and wednesday nights, for thousands of years until the work was done, manufacturing fake dinosaur bones and burying them, convincingly. Yes. of course we believe that. Why wouldn't we? What, are we crazy??? Of COURSE we think an invisible evil entity made fake bones and buried them in the night to fake you out!!

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