• I work as a doctor and I did decide that I would do my bit for the economy. Most patients these days are overweight and unfit. So in the end I decided to prescribe very strong laxatives to all of them.. The result was they all got a heap fitter, due to have to keep running to the loo. It also raised he volume of toilet rolls being sold to a yearly high, which stimulated the growth in the recycling of pulp wood.. Then I had my best idea ever! I combined the laxatives prescribed with VIAGRA ! The result was "Hundreds of fit people never quite knowing if "THEY WERE COMING OR GOING!" grin..
  • I'm buying my products from China, that's how I am helping the economy not to mention I am keeping those 8 year old boys and girls from losing their jobs because we all know slave child labor is the way of the future... Wait, what was I saying? Oh ya...I am buying locally, I feel that it is very important to make sure those immigrant Mexican workers down at the old tomato farm keep their jobs...Hold up, what was I ranting on about? What was your question? Oh ya, that's right...I make sure that I have a job, pay my bills and don't have 20 credit cards that I can't pay off, then expect the tax paying people to pay it off for me when I claim bankruptcy...The End...
  • Working for wal-mart.
  • Touching everyone around me VERY inappropriately.
  • I am spending my school fund on food
  • &lt;h3> TRYING </h3> to save.
  • Nuffin!
  • Cutting up my credit card.
  • Well I thought that nothing was made in America anymore, then I started to do a bit of work on my house. I had to purchase a new french door to the patio - imagine my surprise! It's MADE IN AMERICA. I bought some construction materials to rebuild a walk in closet - customization. To my surprise, much of those materials were MADE IN AMERICA. I had to buy some triple track windows for the south side of the house - they were MADE IN AMERICA. so we DO still make stuff in this country. what a shock. I am stimulating the economy by buying things I need (cash) and not using my credit cards (woohoo) and trying to buy stuff that is actually produced in the USA.

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