• +5 Didn't that come up recently? With that girl who committed suicide after an online "boyfriend" broke up with her and it turned out to be the mother of one of her school frenemies trying to make her look and feel stupid? The mom was Lori Drew and the child who committed suicide was 13.
  • I don't usually answer questions with questions but, how do you "drive" a person to suicide?
  • Depending on the circumstances, You can be charged with manslaughter if you had a reasonable belief that your actions would cause that person to commit suicide.
  • Nobody can drive another to that point. A person lets their own emotions drive them there.
  • How do you "drive" someone to suicide? Hold a gun to his/her head and give him/her a gun and say "you shoot or I will?" No one drives anyone to suicide. Suicide is an act by an individual who wishes to destroy him/herself and they don't mind destroying the lives of the people who love them along the way. Responsibility/accountability is squarely on the shoulders of the person who does passing it off to others. You kill yourself, you are the person responsible.
  • Interesting question. It is maintained by the 'specialists' that those left behind are not responsible for the suicide of another. But I would disagree in many instances. The parents who set unrealistically high expectations for their child, the woman who destroys the marriage of another, the abuser, the slanderer etc are all responsible for their actions. Unless the person who has committed suicide has a recognised psychological illness that drives them to suicide attempts, I believe that we are all responsible for the well-being of others around us and should be held accountable if our actions cause a person to take their life.
  • The problem with that is proving their guilt. I believe this has been seen in the courts, but I dont remember details, sorry.
  • In some cases yes but in some cases no!
  • no,but they do get the pleasure of livivng with the thought every single day.

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