• yes i do. Canada had the famous SARS outbreak in 2003....i cant rememebr anything as bad here since. But it seems swine flu could make its way up here
  • The WHO is monitoring it and declared it a pandemic threat earlier today. Here's the Google Search string:
  • I have heard this, also in America bed bugs are getting out of control.
  • It is a pandemic. Hopefully it won't get to us.
  • There were cases in Mexicali found today. If it is a pandemic - it is already too late. By the time they do declare it - it will be everywhere - and they have never seen this type of flu before. Swine, avian and human together.
  • Wishing I hadnt clicked on this question. I hadnt heard anything about it YET, and while it is good to be in the know, it's sometimes also good to live in ignorance at least for a little while ...
  • Hope not.
  • I hope the USA Government shuts down the Mexican Borders and quarantines suspected sick transients.
  • Could be if we're not careful Keysha. My understanding is that the last one (1918 I believe) killed 15 million people worldwide. We in California are very aware of this, being on the border with Mexico. It is very scary and all you can do is just follow the CDC recommendations and hope for the best. :)
  • guees what its know a ependemic yeaaaaaaaaa and now its june.

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