• I think I have a few extra laying around...give me a sec, Ill round em up for you! ;) ~the old woman who lived in a shoe~
  • Well, as I've heard, adoption agencies tend to favor giving children to couples rather than just a single mother or single father. If you can find a friend or someone you trust to become a surrogate mother, I think that'd be a better choice, and the kid would definitely be yours. I could be wrong, but my aunt was trying to adopt and she had just divorced her husband and the agency wasn't very sympathetic.
  • adopt, jimmy...i would hate it when that child one day REALIZED u CHOSE not to give him/her a mother? they need both....we are getting worse and worse toward our kids and broken homes....they don't stand a chance much for a stable ,healthy ,loving home.....all kids want a mama and a daddy...but for those who have neither....u would be a Godsend....and God will smile on u for ur efforts in helping one of HIS, a fatherless child....:) justme
  • What are your chances to marry??? After so many cases of the child's abuse by a single man many agences limited adoption (if not cancelled completely) to single men.
  • Do a kid a big favor and adopt.
  • Personally, I think you should adopt. Why have more when so many need a home? My friend was adopted from china when she was abandoned as a baby. Now she's going to a top university in Canada for a degree in engineering and can speak fluent English, Italian and French! She has so much opportunity here!
  • There are so many un-loved and un-wanted children in the world who desperately need a loving home... I think adoption is incredibly admirable Jimmy!
  • Why not have it the old fashion way.
  • I hesitate to ask, but wouldn't it be a little ... have the help, support, and insight of a woman you love raising your child with you? I don't doubt the child rearing ability of men, my husband's parenting is superb compared to mine, but I have been a single mom and I don't think anyone should have to do it alone! Anyways, since that is not part of your question I will answer this way: Adopt! Please help a child that needs it before bringing another one into the world. That would be quite noble.
  • adopt a chineese kid so he can do your taxes
  • Get laid. That I'll do it.
  • i think you should do whatever you feel you would like better. but one thing i know for sure, is that which ever you choose to do, that little kid will have a great daddy! =)
  • You should do which ever would make you happy, just make sure you can live with your descion.

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