• The Bush two terms presidency is a lot of things. It’s a secretive cabal, a cavalcade of incompetence, a blood-stained Church Militant, a bad rerun of “The Godfather” in which scary men in suits pay ominous visits to hospital rooms. Bush’s unpopularity is mostly a result of Iraq, which most Americans now believe was a colossal mistake and a war we cannot win. But his problems go far beyond Iraq. His administration has been dogged by one massive scandal after the other, from the Katrina debacle, to Bush’s approval of illegal wiretapping and torture, to his unparalleled use of “signing statements” to disobey laws he disagrees with, to the outrageous Gonzales and U.S. attorneys affair.
  • Because Republicans were more willing to waste time and money for such a spectacle than Democrats are.
  • Bill Clinton's impeachement was about politics not his job performance
  • Because, despite all of the bloviating about the "Left-Wing Media", the mainstream media in this country is not leftist, it's Corporatist. And the Corporatist media is much more willing to spread the message of the Corporatist/Kleptocrats than that of the opposition. You need only look at how, prior to the Iraq invasion, the White House leaked 'information' about Iraqi WMD to the New York Times, then went on all of the major TV talk shows (Meet the Press, etc.) and said "Look, Iraq has WMD. Even the New York Times says so." Finding out the truth about the run up to the Iraq war does not serve the interests of the Corporatist/Kleptocrat class, so the mainstream media and the Washington establishment will fight such an investigation with all of its power. Just look at how hard it fought the release the 'torture memos' about policies and incidents that were already essentially public knowledge.
  • your ilk seem justified that no WMD were found!!!! but that in no way means there was not ANY...because there were....u are very shallow and small minded and a pointing fingers sort....thats the only way u can justify YOUR thoughts and BELIEF..... to think for 1 second that Iraq(Hussein) would not fathom or be capable of massive destructive weapons is a very unrealistic,immature, self centered, shallow outlook of the character and unpopularity of the kind of people ,leaders we deal with in this world..... to compare a sick ,immoral character such as Bill Clinton to a MAN trying to protect not only his country but the world from such evil is very LITTLE of YOU.... there were weapons there...they were just evilly smart enough to fool the world, but many ,such as Bush were not dumb enough to fall for it!!!! and they didn't fall for Bill Clintons lying ,adulteress, character either!!! Bush is a MAN that Clinton will never be!!! justme:)
  • Bill Clinton being the number one law enforcement officer in the United States,lied under oath to a Grand Jury.Bush protected the country based on the information at hand.Popularity has nothing to do with it!lol!Often,those who make the tough decisions are unpopular.
  • Because politics has become a game of personalities, thanks to incessant public relations campaigns dating back to the twenties. Bill Clinton organised the almost genocidal NATO bombing of Serbia and destroyed the only pharmaceuticals factory in Sudan (meaning thousands of people have died from easily preventable diseases), but the moralism that took over the Republican Party in the eighties focused on shallower points to criticise. You don't live in a democracy.
  • Because Republican have no honor. All they care about: Money.
  • Because nobody cares who he screws and we already know that most of the government have extras that they screw. His sex life had nothing to do with how he ran the country. just like JFK he had hoes every other day it seemed.

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