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  • If you're being abused, tell somebody you trust. Tell a teacher at school, call the police, call social services (Google their contact info. for your area).
  • i doubt they hate you they just want the best for you and you may not see how they are helping or they may not be but they are trying and im sure they love u
  • So sorry for you but untill and unless you will not tell whats the real matter, we could not help. Just MOTIVATE!
  • if u are being abused, take this from me, i was abused and neglected all my life, probably still will be when i go back home...but plz plz tell someone, it is not worth it to stay where you are and have to put up with other people's shit, do urself a favor and leave...CALL CPS! trust me, u were probably raised to hate CPS, but their not all bad, they have really helped me
  • Sweety first off I'd Like to say I'm sorry for that, but sometimes adults are abusive because the same thing happen to them when they were children, but that don't matter they still shouldn't do anything to you if that is the case. You should tell someone first someone you can trust completely, someone that won't say a word to your parents. Or you can try speaking to a school consular. But if you would rather do neither you can always talk to me.
  • parents sometimes don't know crap about how to raise a puppie let alone a child if your being abused get help right away sooner or later they are going to have to seek help to learn the right way to raise and respect children. best to start now. don't be afraid the child protection will be there every step make the call get releif

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