• It,s a big yard I have apple trees pear trees 1 plum tree a big garden and I just planted 40 cedar trees. I love my yard:)
  • Lawns, Patio, Flower Containers ,Rose Bushes.
  • snow and lots of it.
  • It is not the perfectly manicured lawn because I have over two acres with lots of trees. We haven't mowed this year yet and there's a few leaves in the yard in both the front and back yard so it has the natural look right now. I've already had tons of trees cut down and stumps removed. Someday, I'd like to have all of my grass resewn. I'm going to be working on the front yard by my house soon and maybe put in a waterfall and line my landscaping and rose beds with some type of hardscape. I live on the water, so the backyard has a large lake.
  • Like this:
  • Corner property with a large yard... grass is just starting to come in, there's a few trees, a shed, a ladder and some patio furniture... and all the leaves are at one corner of the fence. My husband will remove that section of fence and put the leaves into the street for pick up since we're right on the corner. Thank goodness pick up is this week, I'm sick of looking at them! lol
  • i hope the picture uploads, this is it
  • Approx 18 wide 100 foot long Decking from dining room window past the kitchen to end of house, then a square patio in gold york slabs with a circular slab inset, on a 2/8/16part design to make the whole design. Then a 5 wide by 8 foot long 15" deep pond slabbed at side to the 16ft wide 10ft high brick built 3 arched 'follie', then a lawn with shrubs and trees to the right and borders to the left can back the pond and strech down to another decked area with seating :) Phew got it all in hope you can imagine it as i have no photos as yet:( +

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