• When the Meteor hit........bye bye dinosaurs :o)
  • I'm afraid it is quite biblical.. there was peace before the fall.
  • In childhood before I was aware of the world!
  • Putting into account, nanoseconds. Yes, it is entirely plausible during one nanosecond. JUST ONE, now, out of the entire existence of the universe, that there was total peace. I don't know where from, you just guess when.
  • Before man existed perhaps. There was peace in the sense that everything co-existed naturally. Even before the dawn of a living creature microscopic organisms were competing with each other for survival. It's a very deep thing. Since the beginning, even before the big-bang, there has been conflict. There never will be peace. It is something we must learn to live with. For without it, how could we exist? Indeed this world depends on "survival of the fittest". I disagree peace is ever possible. To have true peace, will be most unnatural to this world. Perhaps in death there is a time of total peace. But then again, i do not yet know the afterlife so i cannot properly opinionate myself on that matter.
  • No as there is no such thing as total peace. Never can be as life is all about conflict. Whether it's wars or the bacteria trying to infect you every second of the day.
  • No. That is because in order to live, you have to end the life of other living things. There is no life without killing. One must eat the other.
  • i dont think so
  • 6-23-2017 Yes, there have been two breaks between wars, both called "The era of good feelings." But in most cases, peace only comes when it's too friggin cold to make war.

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