• Absolutely terrified and unfortunately my teeth are in shocking condition which means I have to go twice as much!!!
  • I have no problem going to the dentist, other than the COST!
  • Go and have the teeth taken care of. The teeth can poison other parts of the body.
  • Loathe it each and every check up. If they could invent a silent drill, I would feel a lot happier. My dentist does have a big poster of Where's Wallie tho. Still can't find him!
  • Impending doom. I dont trust them Had some bad experiances that I am told by other dentists was not needed but has now damaged my teeth including lost a couple as a result. Hellish costs lack of understanding feeds the fear thats for sure Guilt that the damage has been done I plan to save and get them mega treated ie cosmetic treatment Ive 2 appointments nxt wk just to fix 2 fillings Eeek
  • I don't like it, but then I think of the alternative, and go anyway.
  • like my dog when I stick him in the shower: not really happy about it.
  • I don't mind, my dentist is my uncle.
  • great mine is fit as
  • shaky, sweaty, physically ill.
  • Necessary, I have no problems with it.
  • It really depends on how much I drank the night before
  • I love it. Both my parents had false teeth and I vowed that would never happen to me. I'm 71 and have all my own teeth and very healthy gums to boot. As I said, I love going to see the dentist. He is my friend, as is the dental hygienist. The three of us work together to keep my teeth and gums healthy and so far we're doing one heckuva good job! :)
  • i dread it completly!! even that word makes my shake with nerves!
  • For me it's always been like the choice between having my jaw sawed off while wide awake and no pain killer and having nails driven into my brain through my upper gums..Now I have 8 teeth left. 5 are almost gone, 3 are intact, but going quick and for the past week I've been living in severe pain because i have no dental insurance and no resources to get these suckers yanked out and I am terrified! Ironically at 24 I had perfect teeth in perfect health then was in a car wreck and had my jaw broken and that was the beginning of the end for me. I got a gum disease I've never been able to shake and when I begged a dentist to pull them all he wouldn't because a few were "savable" so instead for the past 20 years I've lived in dental hell. I hate the bastards with a passion because of it. Makes me wish I were homeless so i could access help for the homeless.
  • I love going to the dentist! I usually just go for a cleaning and a check up and I love the clean feeling and how shiny my teeth are when I leave.
  • I've had 7 root canals done in my life-time, it honsetly doesn't creep me out anymore and the dentist are suprised at how calm I stay and that I don't complain.
  • I've been going to my dentist since I was 27 and he has helped me save my teeth. I take exceptional care of them because the chemistry in my mouth predisposes me to gingivitis.
  • I have panic attacks. I havnt been in 4 years and im 17
  • Very very scared. The last 2 times in the past couple of months my legs were shaking when I got out of the chair and my shoulders and back were sore because I was as stiff as a board in the chair. I don't want to go back to that same dentist now.
  • id rather tatoo my eyeball...

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