• I think he surely deserved it. It is f good to see justice served for once.
  • It's about freaking time. I've followed it since day one. There were about 50 women at one point. Since then all hell has broken loose and it only take 1-5 making complaints for consequences to happen. He had 50! Even if there were a few liars they all weren't. At this point I don't think they lied. He got away with it because he has a wife who turned a blind eye and enjoyed the perks of his game and wealth and he had huge bucks to buy people off. I doubt much will happen to him because of his age (80) and his legal team will file appeals until he drops dead from old age.
  • You get what you pay for.
    • Linda Joy
      And occasionally you have to pay for what you get!
  • It is sad: how so many women were violated by him for so long.
  • Sorry to hear them bitches suddenly ganging up on him!
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! And he wasn't even running for political office or about to be recruited to the NFL! What could have possibly motivated them to do such a thing? Lol!
  • Stills, Nash and Young can tour without him.
  • if he did it then he should be convicted

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