• No, I usually don't make a guess. I've been known to not even notice someone's ethnicity. I didn't even realize my college friend was half black until a year after we met.
  • That's hilarious! No, I don't usually guess. I'll acknowledge it if it's obvious, and sometimes I've been known to wonder, since I'm fascinated with human facial features in general... but I wouldn't assume if it wasn't a no-brainer.
  • yes, but i am usually very close, if not on point.
  • Yes, but only if I don't know the person. If I know the person I just ask them what their ethnic background is.
  • Sometimes I do. I am pretty accurate too.
  • sometimes i guess when i know i have a chance of being 90% right. if not, i ask, because people always think i am chinese, or japanese when i am in fact korean. also, "oriental" isn't an ethnicity. it's a thing.
  • I wonder about it because I find peoples backgrounds fascinating. You can't ignore it, it's there, don't make the mistake of thinking it's racist to notice a person's ethnicity. You can't embrace it if you ignore it. I ask them questions about themselves and they eventually mention it, and my curiosity is satisfied in that area. After finding out I may express what my guesses were depending on how they handle themselves, if they might be offended, I will just keep it to myself.
  • I can usually discern between Hispanics and Italians, but it seems others can't. Seriously, what kind of Mexican has orange hair?!

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