• Always. No one likes the real me.
  • ugh yes! i hate classes with the really strict teachers that can't take a joke. bitches.
  • Yes, always in demand, people wanting me to show up to their parties to show off my dance skillz. LOL
  • Oh sure! That's happened to me before...that's human nature I think. Not everyone is going to like you.
  • Sometimes. When i was younger i was that way, now i am always who i am, all of the time. Even online. Although i have my moments.
  • Most of my life... Yes. Thats probably why I was such an angry agressive little bugger for most of it. Sometimes I still struggle because Im an odd ball. Odd Balls don't always fit in society so... Even though Im not quite as angry these days, I still have trouble being whoever "me" is?
  • i use to all the time. i would constantly daydream about a better and different life. but iv'e changed my ifestyle now and usually just have a problem with everyine else not, me. i still think most people try to mentally abuse me...
  • Oh,heck yeah..I have too many 'me's 'to be just one,,like the other day,,I was trying to be the Fire Marshal for the cow pie parade,,I slipped on a fresh one,,and fell into a different personality all together,,I became dungeldorf!! OK lame at best,,still practicing for the sillyville stand-up night,,(the club is STILL under construction:(.) Being just me,,wow,seriously,sometimes(online)me is just that,me! I can be very serious,if the topic is such that it needs seriousness.This IS in psychology,so I have to tone the response down to answer with SOME intelligence. Being me,is freedom from bondage of self. I like me,I like what I represent,I am content in the things I do.To be me,well,is to live life to it's fullest,to enjoy the company of others,to be a productive member of society. I lost the 'old' me when I stopped trying so hard to be what others wanted me to be,their idea of the 'correct' Ken. I accept me for the flaws(few..hehe) and the assets(some)I was told long ago,acceptance is the key!(Mike Ballard)
  • sometimes because I want everyone to like me and when i act myself and someone doesn't like me - it hurts my feelings
  • Sure. Some people's expectations are so high... you're just never going to be good enough. And you have to learn to understand that this is completely OK.
  • have to say no to that one fire brand !! :)
  • No, but I am constantly learning who I am. As soon as I realize things I become it outwardly.
  • NOPE ;)
  • I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin. I like 'me', however, I can't say that I haven't suffered some judgments, consequences and disappointments (at the hands of others) just for being myself.
  • I had problems when I tried to change being myself during the first 2 years of my college... I'm basically an indifferent person, kinda reserved. I thought I could change a bit myself and give room for some fun but that doesn't seem to suit me. No. there's absolutely no problem in being myself.
  • Yes, all the time I was in school, I thought there was something wrong with me, because I had no friends, and I was lonely. I tried to act like other people, but they could always tell it was just an act. I didn't get over it until my first son was born, and I felt so happy, it changed my whole life.
  • Ya pretty much. The fact that even I barely want to be me is my identity theft protection system.
  • yes cause im short and people judge me for it

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