• OMG! I couldn't possibly choose between those 2. I love them both.
  • Laugh In was the bomb back in the day - thats where I learned alot about stand up comedey
  • Laugh In. I remember all of my friends talking about the jokes the next day. I don't remember much of the Smothers Brothers, but I did like it.
  • Smothers Brothers. They had some good music also.
  • Two great shows. I'll go with "Laugh In" ... because you're making me choose and the show had a lot of great guest performers!:)
  • The Smothers Brothers, hands down. Laugh-in was mostly silliness. the Smothers combined great comedy with a political voice that inevitably was shut down by "The Establishment".
  • I preferred the Smothers Brothers. They were on Craig Ferguson's show not long ago. Here is a clip. They aged very well.
  • I remember watching both and liking both as a kid. But Laugh In was my favorite. There were just so many funny folks on there like Joanne Worley, Lily Tomlin, Ruth Buzzi, Goldie Hawn, Henry Gibson, Arte Johnson...they were all hilarious.
  • Wow - I loved them both.. hard to choose because they were really different types of shows. I have to pick the Smothers though - I still remember a couple of the skits.. 'What now my love, now that it's over' and 'Look for the Union label' very funny guys.
  • Oh, the Smothers Brothers. Funniest musicians EVER! Great cast on their show, too.
  • The Smother's Brothers in a heartbeat. Intelligent humor vs. Laugh In's silliness and pratfalls. Laugh In was the beginning of the continual dumbing down of TV. Today, we have delights such as Jackass.
  • Smothers Brothers hands down. Much better humor. Laugh In was a lot of silly stuff I didn't find funny
  • Smothers Brothers, hands down no contest. Laugh In was amusing..Smothers Brothers was substantive, controversial, very intelligent and frightened the network so much they got cancelled. So much for freedom of speech and one's right to an opinion..that flies only so long as you don't criticize the government. If you are vanilla low-fat,low-carb,zero taste, you'll do just fine. If you aren't watch your back! :)
  • YEAH!!!! Mom always did like you best!!! Sock it to me!!!! Isn't it funny how the guy who played the "dummy" was usually the smarter for real ?? Another defination of "comic genius" !!

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