• do one thing close ur eyes for 10 min min take deep breath and release ot with cont. pernouncation of VEDIS "AUM" LIKE AUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM self meditation after that u will feel lil bit lighter
  • buy a canvas and paint its fun and creative, your expanding your mind and i always feel good when i done painting
  • Try exercising and listening to music that makes you happy :-)
  • Yoga,Look inside and find what is bothering you the most and address it,self searching is hard in the beginning.I feared looking at what was causing me stress..I was always unhappy,even when I thought I should be ok,most times,I found myself deep in depression and couldn't see straight enough to find light anywhere. It took me too many years to realize why I was down all the time,it took more years to understand what to do. You could start like Sexy Lips said,music and exercise are a good start,they both help clear the mind(empty those thoughts that are bringing you down.) EDIT:We can't run from ourselves,so looking inside to find the problem is the sane solution to your question.
  • Go to your happy place take a hot bath and just escape from all the worries by think positive relaxing thoughts it okay its just one day the sun'll come out tommorow and itll be bettyou youll see:)
  • I don't know what happened, and I'm sorry you had a bad day. Some ideas: Take a bubble bath and sip your favorite beverage while soaking. Get lost in a good book. Play your favorite songs. Take a nice walk in the fresh air. Best of luck to you. I hope you feel better soon!
  • Can you go for a drive? Just turn the music up and cry or scream as loud as you like. Or a bubble bath, like I'm going to do. ((((hugs)))) for you Miss Anubis.
  • I like to get absorbed in a good book, I tend to forget all my problems that way. Listen to some soothing music and enjoy a cup of tea and remember how wonderful it will be to see your Godchild for the first time. Don't let the worries of today rob you of enjoying your weekend, plan something fun for tomorrow.
  • Some days simply suck. It's not right or wrong. It's just the way it is. These things work for me: a walk in the park (my favorite) meditation a talk w/ a child about anything prayer hot chamomile and peppermint tea ice cream
  • Smoke some pot.
  • Try a nice walk outside or a run? If you've got a nice park nearby, trail hiking? Mainly, I'd say if the day was good enjoy nature and get some exercise. :)
  • "Watch a couple of good movies!!Distract yourself!!"
  • Try and get away for a weekend, get lost in something creative, go out and smell the roses ;0)
  • Get yourself busy by doing something you're passionate about. Talk to someone you love.
  • Go for a holiday somewhere you would enjoy that has no phone reception (or just leave it at home) and no internet.
  • it would be better to invite a friend but you can do these alone if you want to: go see a funny movie! go listen to live music go dancing get outside and exercise! walk or ice skate if you are determined to be alone, take a nice soak in the tub, by candle-light with some music playing good luck, things are rarely as bad as they seem!
  • read a good book. watch a movie that tugs at your heart in a good way, no matter how silly it is. write... if you like that. listen to a song that makes you happy. most of all, i like to do things that feed my imagination and creativity, no matter how mature or immature they may be to other people. i will watch Disney movies, or read happily-ever-after books. no shame is getting back to your roots. and hey, they always say that children can always find the happiness better than adults can.
  • Come here to AB and answer, comment with me. ;]
  • Read the Bible:)
  • just try to do something fun to get your mind off it
  • Make a bunch of silly noises and faces. It works for me.

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