• White supremacists are more international to keep their numbers up, they probably just see them as white.
  • What is a Slavs ?
  • Since I was born blond and blue eyed and half Slav i.e. of Polish heritage , I would guess quite confused since this violates the traditional Aryan stereotype. I apologize that I may have either 25% definitely or 50% probably German heritage. What the hell is the point. Nazis are human vermin. I thought we had become better than this as a paople. I think that your question is quite valid since it is quite poignant :)
  • I'm on the White Nationalist front and can tell you that the anti-Slavic hatred comes from a small percent of newbies who've taken the left's word that Hitler viewed them as inferior (so they must be), and from the anti-white left who have convinced themselves that we see Slavic people as inferior. I don't think I've ever heard so much regurgitated absurdity on a topic. The overwhelming majority of WNs and NS' DO NOT discriminate against Slavs. The Slavic tribe was in fact one of the original Indo-European tribes from our Caucasoid racial origins; the Caucasus mountains in Western Russia. It's true a small percentage of Slavs have some Asiatic blood from the Hun invasion thousands of years ago, but in these individuals it's not much (like 6%), and one look at the average Slav confirms they're white. Want to talk about evil, strict racists? lol, the Nazi racial laws accepted 1/4 Jews as White German. Even 1/2 Jews in some cases! Many of them served in the German Army side by side with their German brothers. Needless to say, any real "Nazi" doesn't get too tore up over the left's pressured 'one-drop rule'. That's just not how we think, sorry. The picture most of you have in your head about us is simply false. I hope more start seeing that. Take care and hope I was of some help. -Jake

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