• I used to donate blood, because my family had a tradition of doing it. Now myself & my parents cannot donate blood where we live (in Australia) due to having lived in the UK for more than six months in the 80's (due to risk of infection).
  • I do donated blood. I have donated three times. I think that it is great that I can help so many people. I have O negative type blood so just about everyone can benefit from my donation. I just recently got a new tattoo, though, so it'll be about 6 months before I'll be allowed to donate again.
  • Can I still give blood if I have pink eye
  • I've donated blood every year since I was 18. Last year I donated plasma; it was an awesome feeling knowing someone was gunna get a new lease on life, but it SUCKED! Edit: The reason why it sucked is because the person missed my vain 4 times!
  • I wish I could donate, but the silly people won't take my fluids.
  • yes i donate
  • If some1 really need it I'd be happy to donate
  • I have donated, but I'm not a regular or anything.
  • I've only given blood twice. I'm really bad at it and have had bad experiences both times. I cant bring myself to go back.
  • i would do it but they said my pulse was fast and wouldnt take it so i stopped , didnt want to waste time going if they werent going to take it

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