• A tumor in my throat.
  • Now, although I don't feel the worst I ever have. I have multiple myeloma :)
  • kidney infection almost 2 years ago. I literally thought I was going to die. When I was checked into the hospital I had a 104.6 temperature.
  • Actually it was just this past Monday. I couldn't breath and my eyes were swollen shut and my hands were so swollen I couldn't make a fist....I ended up in the ER TWICE...cause I MUST HAVE OXYGEN :):) But come to find out I am allergic to oven cleaner and I was on deaths door twice....very scary thing. HEY that is the day I actually started doing this....I came on to find an answer to what might be wrong with me. Later that night I was in the hospital....everyone on here told me to GO TO THE DOCTOR. Thanks for the great advise ppl
  • kidney stone!!! i dont wish that on anyone!
  • Had the flu for about 8 months. Had glandular fever for quite a few months too. Both of these were made that much better by asthma and hayfever...
  • Hmm, I don't think this measures to the other answers but, I had food poisoning this past year from Lonestar Steakhouse. I've had food poisoning before but this owned everything. If I had the energy I would have been tempted to off myself. I was out of work for a week. I've never felt so retched in my life.
  • I almost died when my appendix burst. Had complications from my c-section...horrible. Breastfeeding...unless you've done it you have no idea what torture a baby can inflict upon a women's breast.
  • When I was married... Just being married to a selfish a$$, but divorce was the cure, and I've never felt more alive : )
  • Broken Heart
  • I had anxiety disorder and it wreaked havoc on my life.
  • In June, I suffered two herniated discs in my back. I was out of work for 5 months and am still recovering. Other than that, I had apendecites when I was younger. I wrote a book while recovering from my back injury - and rediscovered my love of writing. I got a husband (and a great one) when I got my apendix out.
  • I think the sickest I can remember is when I contracted Dengi fever after returning from a trip to Mexico. One moment fine the next a 103 temperature! The worst injury accident was when I fell at work fracturing my skull and having 3 sever closed head brain injuries.

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