• freedom of choice
    • OrangeDonRump
      Well, maybe - but waiting until they're a teenager until you abort them is really far too long!
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, and no means no!
    • Army Veteran
      Wow. Orange Don came up with a good one! Could he secretly be a Conservative at heart? LOL
    • Creamcrackered
      I did laugh at Orange Don's comment!
  • They have laws that set an age for drinking and smoking cigarettes so maybe we should have an age for having sex. Then the little monkeys won't need an abortion.
    • Victorine
      We have age pf consent laws in every state. However, when they are violated, it's the older partner who's in trouble, not the younger one. And since the ages of consent range from 16-18, we still see pregnant teenagers. Are you suggesting we should have laws that send teens to prison if they dare to have sex? That won't fly in the US, I assure you. By the way, by far the majority of abortion seekers in this country are adults -- not infrequently married adults.
    • Army Veteran
      When teens want to act like adults, they should be responsible for their actions like adults. And if society isn't geared up to put this into practice, then the kids' parents should be the ones to take the fall. If they don't raise their kids properly, they're the ones who are ultimately to blame.
  • pro-choice
    • Army Veteran
      Premeditated murder.
  • I'm pro-choice up to three months of pregnancy.
    • Army Veteran
      Texas's new heartbeat law pushes it back to 6 weeks. Why do you think 6 weeks was the determining factor? Maybe it's because the presence of a heartbeat constitutes life.
  • There should be more education in schools on preventing teenage pregnancy,like using condoms to prevent pregnancy.
    • Linda Joy
      Not the school's job. Its the parents.
  • there are plenty of people willing to adopt
  • That might be a bit late to get an abortion. I learned that from watching Cartman's mom try to get one for him on South Park. (Too bad I can't find the clip).
  • I find it very sad that these things happen and would rather it never happened but saying that I am pro choice, because there are many unknown circumstances, too many for us to judge.
  • I wonder and feel sad when I hear these. Wonder just how could somebody give herself away into temptations at such an early age... and this is a common hearing in those places.
  • The same as they are for adult abortions - I have no problem with it.
  • i believe that you think you are old enough to have sexx tahn you are old enough to realise and suffer the consequenses. I do not believe in giving up a babies life just becasue 'you are not ready' you haeva choice to have sex, and you know what could happen out of it, so if you are nto ready for a possible baby, then you are not ready for sex!
  • Adoption. That's just my view in general. I think that when a child makes the decision to make adult choices, the child/ teen needs to answer to adult consequences. Since abortion is legal and this is not a moral question, I say that the teenager has the same right to make the most educated and appropriate decision right for them. I don't believe this decision should be made without a huge support system. The brain doesn't fully develop until a person is in their 20's -- no matter how advanced the teen may seem. This is one of the most important decisions this kid is ever going to make. Regardless of my views, it should be a decision taken seriously, responsibly, and for the good of everyone involved.
  • not my cup of tea and thank god i never had to be in that situation any girl who got into that situation - either by choice or not - i'd want her to be safe at least. i can't stop her from doing it that's for sure, so i'd rather make sure that somebody who does the procedure is qualified at least
  • Abortion is a woman's right. If men got pregnant, nobody would question that they had a right to abortion. That we question women's rights, first to vote, then to birth control, and now to abortion, is a vestige of the patriarchal and paternalistic roots of our religious past. Every woman has a right to abortion. By 'woman' I mean anyone who can get pregnant. If you have a friend looking for information you can give her this link. Change the city as necessary in the search criteria.
  • The only way I see abortion being acceptable with teenagers is if they were raped or if their bodies can't handle it and it might kill them. Otherwise they made the choice to have sex therefore killing the baby is somewhat selfish. They should adopt out if they aren't grown up enough to handle it. If they are younger then 15 my opinion might change slightly. They still made a wrong decision but I don't think they could handle it. Even carrying it to full term and adopting it out would be tough for a child. I'm against abortion but for the stupid kids that have sex at 12 and find themselves pregnant it might be a good idea.
  • Any abortion is awful. I am not saying unwarranted or that women should not have a choice. But, have you actually seen the methods and how far along the baby is when they do it. Did you know partial birth abortion can be done at 8months. Do you know how it's done...
  • In my oppinion abortion all together is wrong it is murder and if a girl is adult enough to spread her legs she is woman enough to go thru the 9 months and labor after that if she still dont want the baby adoption is fine bc there are tons of couples who want children and cant have them.... i think abortion should be illegal and most ppl who have abortions have post tramatic stress and sometimes complete emotional breakdowns its wrong and can cause you major medical and mental problems thats my view personally sorry if i offended anyone
  • If we are talking about underage abortions -- I'm for parental notification prior to any surgical procedures. I find it insane that a minor isn't mature enough under the law to consent to having her ears pierced BUT can go through a surgical procedure that has an 18.5% infection rate (if in a hospital) and double that in a clinic, has a high risk of PID, has a 9.5% chance of requiring a blood transfusion, and have complications that can cause death, all in secret. The idea that a 14 year old could be dying of a blood clot or an infection and the parent is oblivious astounds me. All my stats, by the way, come from the Center for Disease Control website.
  • Well, I think that giving up the baby for Adoption or an Abortion is probably best for the teen, depending on circumstances and the teenager of course. For some young girls it does work out.
  • Is there a way that we can legally abort teenagers? I guess I'm opposed to that, although I can see why someone would want to do it.
  • I think that if GUY AND GIRL do it... yeaaa... then they are responsible for thier actions and that they should not have an abortion unless it threatens thier life! i am against abortion 95% completely the other 5% is if it risks your death! soo yea im against it! ----j-man
  • back seat
  • i think if you were there with your legs open and you thaught you were old enough then you should face the consequenses. you were the one who did it why does the baby have to suffor for what you did tht child has all the right to live as you do !
  • if you know that you are unable to care for a child and you dont want to be rised in a hard time yeah then you should have an abortion my bestfriend had one and it was because her mom didnt want her in the situation she was in when she was a teenager
  • I had an abortion at 16 years old, it was the hardest choice I've EVER had to make, believe when I say I regret it. Its not something you should judge someone on because its a hard choice. I was completely against abortion but when it happens it a scary thing. And personally for me its something I wish I hadn't done.
  • I believe that, though children do not deserve all the same rights as adults, they are human beings and ALL human beings have the right to medical care. As far as I am concerned, a baby is essentially the same thing as an intestinal parasite that nobody wants or needs. It would be considered child abuse if you did not remove a parasitic tape worm from a child that is slowly destroying them because you don't think they are mature enough to receive the medical treatment to destroy the worm. So, since kids are just as human as adults and deserve medical care just as much as adults do, and fetuses are basically unwanted parasites, it is child abuse and cruel to not provide them with abortions. It really is wrong to not let a teenage girl get rid of something that is slowly eating away at her life, health, youth and soul. NO GIRL, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER SHE IS OLDER OR YOUNGER THAN AGE 18 deserves to be parasitized and slowly rot away against her will. Denying a minor the right to an abortion is definatley child abuse.
  • It's paramount to them having a decent future. You can't go to college full time as easily with a kid.
  • I can't say for sure but, I think there's a law against aborting teenagers.
  • Wrong, just like an adult getting an abortion.
  • Teens should not have sex in the first place. If teens get pregnant they should deliver the babies and let someone adopt them unless the girl, along with a supportive family, decides to keep the baby. In this case, the father would definitely have to support the child. I think abortion is murder.
  • Well I think that's a little late in the term to abort. Maybe we should set a limit of 8 years old?
  • When an abortion takes place it is murder.
  • It's none of my business what other females chose to do. Those are private matters.
  • Abortion is for babies not teenagers. Teenagers shouldn't be aborted. That's too late.😉😋
  • the parents should decide since they are going to bear the brunt of the pregnancy.
  • Well, I wish it never had to take place, but teenagers are usually in no position to have children, and forcing them to go through with a pregnancy and then place a baby for adoption is just another evil with potentially negative and wider social consequences. If they want abortions, then like other pregnant women, they deserve to have the choice.
  • Why ruin a young person's life?
    • Linda Joy
      At that point they already have!
  • Its a sad commentary on the social situation! But I think if it was caused by rape or incest it should be an option. The young fistula patients in Africa are proof enough for me that pedophilia is dangerous for the abused! Using it as birth control because no one wants to handle that situation responsibly BEFORE the pregnancy is stupid, costly, painful, causes depression and can be deadly. Why not just use a little sense?
  • Oppose it 1,000%. It's always funny to me about the pro abortion people who support and defend it, they're so willing to allow other unborn babies to be terminated when they themselves were spared from abortion. Complete and utter hypocrisy.
  • It's essential!
  • I think my daddy should have pulled out. My mother was 49 and had a big butt.
  • I'm very much against it. People need to be responsible for their actions. Lack of responsibility is why the world is in such a mess.
  • A teen's pregnancy can ruin her life.
  • "Why is the debate over abortion always one generation from being the most viable option?"

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