• Free will.
  • Why does God let me?
  • Because there's no "rule" that says they can't.
  • I'm still trying to figure out why Airmen can question me
  • I question God on a daily basis. It's part of our conversation. Doesn't seem to change his plans.
  • Forgive them for they know not what they do.
  • Why do people think that people can't?
  • Because if there is a God he is doing a pretty shl##/ job at it, wouldn't you say?
  • Because they actually can! If there is god god it also allows us to do so. Why do some people think we can't question god?
  • Because they think they know everything plain and simple. when in fact they don't know squat.
  • God gave us free will to choose, a brain to ask questions to learn about him.
  • If God wishes for me to worship him, you better believe I'm gonna have some questions.
  • you can't learn without asking a few questions.
  • I question God. It's part of our relationship. How could you not?
  • why not? -_-
  • Because I doubt that God wants mindless sheep as worshippers. Why create us with brains, then?
  • If you're insinuating that we should just listen to what the preacher says... Then I would not be listening to God. Furthermore the Bible is tainted by what priests and preachers want us to be and know. I meditate and get my answers directly from the source and those are the ones I do not question.
  • Well, God's not exactly contributing to the debate, is He? The only people telling me not to question God are just that: people. So I guess the real question is "Why do people think they know God's giant omnipotent mind?"
  • Because they can. It's physically possible. Here's an example: "GOD, if you're even out there, why did you punish Adam and Eve for eating a freakin' apple???" There, you happy ;)
  • the real question is not why people believe in god. "Small minds are easily filled with faith" But to answer your question I would say that when something wrong or bad happens its not the persons fault it is a higher power "God" and not there own wrong doing.
  • Maybe because God seems to not care about us.
  • Absence of brainwashing...using one's brain. I think we are supposed to question (the existence) of God, otherwise we'd be robots and not using the free will given to us.
  • And for those who do question God, why are they met and answered by people who take it upon themselves to state what God would apparently want? That's just as blasphemous, if not worse, to claim to know the word of God, and to believe to own the right to distribute it. At least, in the context pertaining the mind frames of those who think we shouldn't question God. I mean even a priest or minister will be humble about it if you ask them, instead of shoving all this self righteous crap in one's face and declaring it as writ in stone. It's the same thing, but different. >_>
  • Really. I know what you mean. I mean if he wanted us to know anything, he wouldn't have forbidden eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, right? And it's not like there is any reason for anyone to question anything. It's all pretty clear cut, really, isn't it? Hmmm.
  • While I think we should question things about life, and not be robots, I think you bring up a very good point. People want so badly to believe that God doesn't exist. I can be included in that list sometimes, because I wish that I could do whatever I want and pleasure myself and have no consequences. That's why evolution is so great for some people. Because it is a theory that would deny the existence of God and would allow us to have a lot more breathing room. No matter how many times people tell me that Evolution is more than a theory, you have to realize that it has never been proven completely. Evolution is huge reason some people have the nerve to question why God does what He does. They think that man has figured God out, and that they have put God into a scientific box and God cannot overcome man's greatest intellectual arguments. But they have to realize that God is a supernatural being that is outside of any box created by any man. I love the scientists who eventually find so much out about the universe, that they eventually realize that there is no way it could have happened by chance. My answer to this, is simply that man is sinful. And will always be sinful until Christ comes back. I will most certainly get points down for this, which is sad, because we unfortunately live in a society where sharing your opinions as someone who believes in God is looked down upon. I hope I helped somehow. Great question!
  • Questions are in need of guidance. Light in the midst of confusion is how answers are discerned.
  • Abraham not only doubted God and questioned God, he even played "Let's Make a Deal" with God. Genesis 18:16-33

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