• No. I have worked many holidays in my life. If you take a job in a field that might require it, that was your choice.
  • No, it just comes with the territory, at least they cut the hours a bit. For some of those people it may be voluntary if they are getting some sort of holiday pay.
  • Kmart too. I've worked on Thanksgiving and Christmas before (nursing home). It was kind of fun.
  • No. Many businesses choose to saty open on holidays. Our store will be open (shorter hours). Everyone who is working volunteered as they were not planning to celebrate Thanksgiving anyway.
  • No. They have it good, I have to work 12 1/2 hours. Seriously, there are supermarkets and other stores open also, seems like more every year trying to get a jump on 'Black Friday'. People should be happy that they have jobs in this economy.
  • It's sad -- but in our town Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Wal-Greens are all open. Wal-Greens is open on Christmas, too. For me, it's nice, because I always need to get a last-minute gift or something that I've forgotten (batteries, etc), so I love it. I do feel for anyone that has to work the holidays, but I work Thanksgiving, too.
  • No...many bussiness are open on holidays. When I was 18 I worked at a movie theatre and we were open 365 days a year. I worked on many holidays and didn't get holiday pay for it.
  • I'm giving them the freedom to walk around with a turkey leg or a wing? Geez! what do you want!
  • Well, every store is trying to capitalize on sales during the holidays. However, some employees ask to work those days because they get paid overtime.
  • Not when i gotta run out to buy toilet paper or a gallon of milk for the kids... My brother worked for them, and used to ask to work hollidays so he could get time and a half.
  • Not if I need something.
  • Well, it's not like you can expect the entire country to shut down for a holiday.
  • Some things are vital to day to day operations, such as drug stores, gas stations, and liquor stores (that one is a joke). Without them being open, everything could grind to a halt. That said, I feel that the company should be very generous to the employees who work on such days.
  • Sad and greedy, no. Some people have unforseen needs on Holidays that convenience stores can't handle, or won't handle at an affordable rate. Walgreens is providing a necessary service. Thank you, The Walgreens Management Team Our Moto: Stock Holder's are our pride and joy.
  • Well its better than the Walgreens in my town which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Several stores, including mine are operating on Thanksgiving Day. I dont work this year, but those who do get double pay and last year I worked I worked 7 hours on Thanksgiving day for $22 an hour (my normal pay then was $10.50 an hour).
  • Not really. There are lots of service industry-based businesses that need employees every day of the, for instance. Police officers, EMT's, and firemen have to work on holidays as well. Not everyone has a job that allows them the luxury of holidays off. That's just how it is.
  • Not at all. They need the $
  • I worked on Thanksgiving from 2-11pm. So I'm OK with it. People choose those shifts, they don't get bullied into them.
  • I once worked at a 24/7 grocery store that ONLY closed down from about 6PM on Christmas Eve to about 9PM (I think) on Christmas day - NOTE: It MIGHT have been 6AM the day after. This was late 60s, early 70s. (AND, there were a couple of guys who would go in during that time to clean, strip, and polish the floor. I joined them one year.) I guess I should say that this was my father's grocery. I also worked in a movie theater (tickets and concessions) that was open on Christmas. And MANY restaurants and fast-food places have hours on Christmas, too. Thanksgiving? That's nothing. Try breaking away from family on Christmas! ;-)
  • No, as I think there are plenty of people willing to work as they usually pay more for those days. K-Mart was open as well and most grocery stores as well. Many business are open that day, like some restaurants, gas stations, and the like.
  • its annoying for sure if u work there but not everyone celebrates thanksgiving!
  • This question is kind of disturbing. It implies we should look down on enormous groups of people and that we should all do the same thing on Thanksgiving.
  • What if you need a perscription filled on Thanksgiving. How sad and greedy would it be then. Maybe they volunteered to work because they dont celebrate Turkey day or lived alone and were doing it so someone else could be home with their family. Is that greedy too?
  • I worked from 2-10. It was either me or the other Assistant Manager. I volenteered so he could spent the time with his kids (I don't have any).
  • There was a time when no stores were open past 5 on Saturday and everything was closed on Sunday and holidays. How ever did people get what they needed. Oh, right, they planned ahead.

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