• i would like it but its the price that puts me off
  • On my left eye..not to improve vision, but to repair a tear so that I wouldn't lose further vision. I didn't like it much..despite the "fact" that laser surgery doesn't hurt, I found it to be very uncomfortable and certainly wouldn't go out of my way to have it again! :)
  • my eyes so i wouldnt have to wear glasses
  • Yes in my eye, it was very painful but necessary.
  • I don't need it but my ex wife had it done. She literally couldn't see the alarm clock right next to her on the bed stand. Three days later she had perfect vision. Amazing.
  • Yes i have, but because of the eye problems i have, even if i had laser treatment, i would still need to wear glasses so it would be pointless.
  • What for? If it's eyes you're talking about, no, and never will. If it's legs then yes but it doesn't work well unless you are dark which I am not and didn't really need it in the first place...but that's beside the point.
  • I am considering it, and I will consider it more when I can finance it. My roommate had a wonderful experience getting her perfect vision. I'm sick of contact lenses. But I do like wearing glasses from time to time.
  • Not yet but it will happen in due time... can't wait! Ummmm. I was thinking Lasik eye surgery... Hehehe!
  • No, I would never let anybody with a laser near my eyes. After 40 years or so, I've got used to wearing glasses, and will stick to what I know.
  • No, i'm already way too sexy...
  • Yes, I've got some hair I want gone, and I want my eyes fixed at some point.
  • My eyes were not suitable for Lazer treatment so I had Lens Replacement Surgery. It was one of the best things I ever did and I would recommend it to anyone.

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