• If you want to try a really neat one, try Aikido. It is purely defensive and you use their energy against them. Check out these videos:
  • For offensive purposes, Muay thai beats every MA except grappling. The style made famous by the Gracie family, wrestling and bone breaking allowed.
  • Try Kempo and Ju Jitsu. They work well with Gung Fu, Hung Gar and some other systems. Who ever told you that Gung Fu was not effective in a real fight doesn't understand hidden applications, levels of deception or internal power generation.
  • i met someone who did grappling, and ju jitsu as well. he was also undefeated 6 yrs in the octagon before a car accident took him out. it seems everyone is scared of him. i will admit he makes me nervous sometimes but i will never be scared.
  • It sounds like you are looking for an all round self-defense/ass-kicking martial art. first of all if u are considering it for the purpose of beating people up u wont find what ur looking for in martial arts. martial arts require the dicipline and respect that most street scrappers lack. but if you are truly looking for something that u can pour urself into that will actually be effective as a self defense against people bigger and stronger than u. Aikido is the way to go. Muay Thai is an Offensive martial art. I have been studying Muay Thai for about 3 years now and im telling u it isnt for the faint of heart. All Muay Thai defense is based on being in a position to attack immediately after. this would do little for actual self defense...unless u want to kick the crap out of the person attacking you.
  • Believe it or not a Tai Chi Master is very dangerous and I don't meant those feeble looking old couple at the park every morning but a strong Tai Chi Master in his prime. Of course that style is not the easy way it requires lots of devotion. My point is that it is not so much the style as it is the stylist and what you bring to the table. If you are skilled enough that a grappler cannot force you to the ground and if so cannot keep you there then much of their grappling techniques (Like UFC type stuff)might not be that effective against you. If you are skilled enough in traditional Japanese Jujitsu or Aikido for example you should be able to mount a perfect defense. Wing Chung/Ving tsun kung fu is excellent for defense though it does not stress high kicks. One art may contain or emphasize what another does not emphasize and there are also many modern arts that combine traditional systems. If you have a realistic and practical outlook on defense, are in good shape and have a good and sincere instructor of Martial Arts then Kung fu will be ok if you know how to be realistic about street fighting. Check out the Youtube videos on the Tae Kwan do Thunder kicks and Shoalin Kung fu training it is interesting.
  • No, Kung Foo is especially streetwise. It is just that is not well known. That is why people have misconceptions about it. You get to learn all sorts of weapons, and takedowns are a speciality. It is better than Karate. It is based on leaverage, and using the persons power against them, that is why it is good for everyone. But it is extremly effective.
  • Even a great martial art can be ruined by a bad instructor ... You will learn more and learn faster from a grand master with decades of experience than from any new instructor with only a 2nd degree black belt ... So, what I suggest, is that you find the instructor near you that has the highest skill level and most experience, and study what ever martial art style this instructor teaches ... once you reach an advanced level, you can then dabble in many other martial arts just to get a broader range of techniques. Muay Thai is an effective combat style, but it lacks a few of the things that some Kung Fu styles can offer ... accupressure massage therapy and herbal medicines and healing lotions are extremely rare for Muay Thai but very common with many Kung Fu styles. Wing Chun style Kung Fu is famous for its "Dit Da Jow" medicine for bruises as well as for training with hard wooden dummies instead of soft padded punching bags. Pure TKD is just a game, and is not effective in a real fight ... but if you discard the strict rules of tournament TKD and use techniques from TKD's foundation arts of Hapkido, Hwrangdo, and Tangsoodo, then you will have a real usable self defense system.
  • Depends entirely on what styles are available in your area. Not all styles are created equal, but if you have innate aptitude any style will suffice. Expect five years for an external style, and double that for Neijia.
  • My tournament record speaks for itself. I have never lost a competition to a Muay Thai or Kung Fu stylist. My style it Jido Kwan (a Tae Kwon Do style).
  • I fought a Kung Foo stylist in an open tournament. It was a one kick fight as I knocked him out with one kick.

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