• Because the French set the Americans in their place and refuse to treat them like the gods they think they are. They also feed them dishwasher water when they visit France and order in English at a French restaurant just because they think that the whole world is obligated to speak English
  • I am sure some do but no way all Americans Hate the French. I am not sure about all countries if everyone hates all of another country for any standard reasons. Here in America we have people from every country living here, this gives us more knowledge about other cultures and when you learn this way you realize that most of what you hear about other countries are not always true for every person living in that country. I hate when we as humans divide ourselves with boarders. I have had the chance to travel the world and I find normally all the people pretty much want the same things. Happiness, peace and a stress-free way to enjoy life. It is unfair to judge everyone in any country as being how you have viewed a few hateful people.
  • The French are viewed in America as dirty, smelly, arrogant cowards. I don't know where all these stereotypes come from, and I really don't care.
  • I like the french... and I'm american. So no, not me.
  • Yes. Lots make flippant comments about the french, including some of my friends. When asked why, they usually will site France's actions in WW2. Personally I respect that the French don't want to stir the pot.
  • I always thought it was the English that were meant to hate the French.
  • Nobody likes the French. Anybody who has been to France could cite the reasons why.
  • Some Americans do not like the French for various reason. Some French do not like Americans, and having been in France, I would estimate that a larger proportion of the French dislike Americans than the other way around. Of course, over all I would say that most Americans have never met many, if any, native French people. Nor have most Americans watched very many French TV programs or movies or listened to very much contemporary French music. In France, on the other hand, a far higher proportion of the population has direct experience with Americans and most have been inundated with American (Hollywood) culture. In the end it does not really matter very much as the French seem to be heading the way of the Dinosaurs. How long is it until France becomes a majority Islamic nation? 12 years or thereabouts?
  • I know why my family personally doesn't like them. The majority of the citizens of Paris were straight rude to us for three straight days.
  • Maybe because the french were smart enough not to join the "coalition of the willing"?
  • I think the Americans love France. However, they have had a few upsets in the past. The French are very independent and resist towing the line in international affairs. An example of this is France's relations with NATO which was a bone of contention that started under De Gaulle. France has a socialist tradition and is a great supporter of the underdog in international politics which does not always fit in with the American vision of how the world should be.
  • They should love the French, without whose help they couldn't have won the War of Independence.
  • I think there was in US a huge propaganda for getting that feeling increased, but it's not easy to explain that the one who disagree is a coward, is it? And for the "intellectuals" whose opinion is France is becoming a muslim nation, it's definitely ridiculous. All I know is : the average frenchman (I'm one) is ignorant and overestimating himself. Unfortunately the average american is not different either.
  • Some Americans don't like the French because they didn't support the war in Iraq. I don't think it's a good reason to dislike someone, but that's the impression I get in the U.S. It's a manifestation of the "with us or against us" mentality.
  • I don't dislike French. Friends of mine toured in France and said French people are very snobbish. I have not dealt with French people myself.
  • They're pretty similar to each other. If anything, Americans are fatter and have crappier food, and the French smell worse.
  • Many Americans don't like the French. They don't have a reason why.
  • What's not to like, without them we wouldn't have that wonderful salad dressing, fried potatoes that sell by the gazillions, and a great kiss. ;-)
  • I read the first comment about the French serving Americans dishwater and it shows me just how rude the French are. If you were in our country, we would serve you fresh water. The difference.
  • Well, I just now received my opinion on the French. If you serve Americans dishwater when they come to visit your country, then you are very rude. If you came to America, we would serve you fresh water -the difference.

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