• I'm not sure about the blood part of it. But I have a friend that SWEARS by the farmers almanac when it comes to cutting her hair and she has the LONGEST hair of ANYONE I know! I have no idea how it really "works" but apparently it can tell you when the best days are to cut your hair that will promote growth!
  • Must be genetic,id say some people stimulate the scalp somehow,and use a compatible shampoo,and conditioner,and doubt that one shampoo is universal because our hair,and dermal differs from one to another entirely.Perhaps water temperature even affect growth as well as water quality.Minerals hard water verses soft water etc...
  • Not sure about hemoglobin. It seems to have something to do with your genetics. I do know that if you cut your hair when the moon is full out, it will grow faster. I am currently trying to grow my hair long and it's quiet more difficult than I expected. I color my hair every 3-4 months and I do the no-no's and blow dry, flat iron, and comb it when it's wet. So I do have some breakage that I am starting to see more and it's difficult because my hair was cut into a few different layers due to the thickness. I have extremely thick hair. I say just take good care of it and give it time.
  • Not the hemoglobin per se or hair growth rate, but the ferritin levels will factor in hair loss. If your ferritin anemic then that could cause hair loss. But don't supplement iron unless you know for sure your levels are deficient because it could be dangerous

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