• Only if they don't try to convert me
    • Roaring
      For sure. The Jehovah's gave up on me, when I would converse with them at length no interest in being a convert. So did the Hare Krishna's.
  • yes, i dont mind talking to people that have different beliefs than i do
  • Yes! Jesus spoke to people of all faiths. It
  • I always do take time to talk to people of different faiths, races and backgrounds. It's why I'm not insular.
  • I have zero interest in talking to people obsessed with their own or any religion. Look at all the apparent inbreeding among the Evangelicals who can't read.
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      Dialogue is unlikely with those obsessed with their religious views. There has to be some openness and curiosity for hearty dialogue to occur. I do sometimes choose to listen to others expressed belief and their line of "reasoning". even if it is circular.

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