• A bunch of fools! or a bunch of jokers. They believe the earth is still flat; which in actuality this concept of the earth being flat was just a rumor made by people in the 20th century about Christopher Columbus. People in Columbus's time already new the earth was round. In fact it was Aristotle long before Columbus that PROVED the earth was round. He did this by seeing the moon and realizing that the shadow being cast on it was the earth's shadow (and the earth's shadow being round like the moon of course). Later on people realized by looking through a telescope that there are other planets like the earth that are round and they are all flying around a sun. The fact is that I don't think anyone is that stupid (especially now a days with space travel and what not) to think the earth is flat. So I believe the Flat Earth Society are just a bunch of jokers.
  • In contrast to the previous submission, The Flat Earth Society is NO joke. Just as many fundamentalists believe the earth is only about 6000 years old, others hold beliefs which for one reason or another, differ from popular opnion. I had a roomate who told me his father said that MAN never walked on the moon. It was done on a hollywood set .... etc. He would try to show me how stupid I was for believing in the space program by throwing this "FACT" up to me. There can be more certainty in error than in fact! What this really represents is the fundamental rule of truth, people believe what they WANT to believe. No so called FACT, or proof will sway them. Also on this matter of belief, when given a choice of believing 2 people, most believe the better looking/sounding one. Even when it flies in the face of "truth"
  • If you want to know about the Flat Earth Society, then you might try checking out the following link:
  • The Flat Earth Society is an organization first based in England and later in Lancaster, California that advocates the Flat Earth hypothesis.

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